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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Interview with business owner VAIBHAVI/JV Creations

Handmade N Beyond spoke with Creator of Vaibhavi and JV creations

Business:  VAIBHAVI /JVCreations
Name:  Jothi Vinod
Location:  Sharjah, UAE

How did you get your start?
As a child and teenager I had an inclination towards arts and crafts, loved this show M.A.D on POGO, used to note down things to do, but most of the times lack of time or unavailability of materials kept me away from the world of creativity.  Glass painting was the first form I tried, thanks to one of my friends who briefed me about the basics.
During my post-maternity rest phase, I took up jewelry making from a neighbour aunty and was engrossed in jewelry making whenever I could find time to spare.

Once I settled in the UAE and our kid started school, I had enough free time and needed to keep myself engaged.  Hence, brushed up my interest, took formal classes in paper quilling, and tried various creative things.
What INSPIRED you and WHEN…
I always loved colours, I just love to wee through the clothes displayed in textile shops for the colour combinations and textures……I am self-taught mostly but yes Google Guru was always there to help!!!! 
Inspiration to start a business came when I had enough free time and when I saw many facebook pages where artists displayed their work and even sold via facebook business pages.  So I thought of trying too.

Do you have formal training?
I took a basic jewelry making class and a workshop on paper quilling basics.

What is your day job?
I am a homemaker.  My day starts even before the Sun is up, finish all my work early enough to create something everyday and I am happy the way I do.

What's the best part of having your own business?
Flexible timings, freedom to try what I like are the best.  In the name of biz I get to spend on beads, paper and other craft stuff and can do hours of shopping at craft stores, bliss!

How do you plan for the future of your business?
I am not a big fan of planning, I do things spontaneously but yes I am leaning and will definitely improve over course of time.
As an Artist, what is your biggest frustration?
Frustration comes to me when the outcome is not as I imagined, when someone disturbs me when I am in a mood to create and when customers bargain without taking into account the effort and love we have put into each piece.

Are there any crafters/artists/designers that you particularly look up to?
No one in particular, but I keep browsing to see what other artists are creating and try to achieve a level of perfection that others have.  HNB has introduced to me many artists/crafters who are great inspiration for me.

What advice can you offer other creative people who are just starting out and following their passions?
You may not be successful initially, have faith in self, enjoy what you do.  Perfection is the key, so try to achieve perfection in what you do.  Success has to knock your door sooner or later.

How can fans purchase your work? Do you take custom orders and special requests?
My creations can be purchased through my facebook page JV Creations or Vaibhavi.  I also take custom orders.  I can be contacted on or for any queries.

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Winner Chandelier earring Competition Contest 2013

We are proud to present this Certificate out to our very First winner of the online Chandelier earring Competition 2013 Vaibhavi



the Winning Piece

We are proud to present out our very First winner of the online Chandelier earring Competition it is Vaibhavi a killer design the Jhumka Gira Re. This piece is the exact requirement of the Competition . the colour is the perfect example of the requeste Colour block , she gave us a pink peach and Purple, a mixed media request paper with beads and Metal. and yes a Chandelier with an Indian design the Jumkha gave us that twist. the dangles and all. We would love to see more of this design in different colours and will be honored not only to have you on our page and share your work and thoughts on the page everyday but you also are the opening to our very first certificate that we will present to you Shortly. and yes we will be talking to you and a asking about your journey and Interview with Handmade N Beyond.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Chandelier Earring designer participants

The Chandelier Earring design Contest 2013

This Contest Celebrates artist/Designers Living in Different Parts of the World We don't care where you are just show us what you got.

At Handmade N Beyond ,We are happy to announce and host our very first one of a kind " Earring " Contest.

Meet the Artist/Designers who Participated

1. LittleFingers
Name : Shyamala Gowri S

Title : GreenPunch

Description of Item: Greenish Blue Chandelier from LittleFingers. The earring is made of air dry clay. Fully handmade earring with love specially for this contest :-)

process of making time taken to make the Pieces and Material used: It has taken approx 2 hours to complete the earring to that perfection.

Visit for more of their gorgeous work

2 of crafting

Title work: roses in pearls
Name : kushal ds

Description: cute chandelier roses are made of air dry clay and pearls.

Process time: 5 mins to make roses and flat beads. one day to dry
                     2 mins to paint the them.
                     15 to 20 min to make the earrings.

Materials: air dry clay
                white pearls
                red beads
                tiger tail /gold string
                ear pins
                small metal spacers/ beads

Inspired: the word competition inspired me to make the earrings as i am new to this field.

Visit to see a lot more

3. Yadhs - Jewelry making and Paper quilling.

Title work:  First attraction

Description : Chandelier earring made using paper quilling method. Since its mixed media I used some glass beads and attachments too.

Inspiration : I loved this contest of chandelier earrings mainly because its my first attraction when I entered my husband's house after marriage. There is a big grand beautiful chandelier in the mid of our hall. With these inspiration I went on making my all time favorite "Earrings" ;-)

Materials used : Paper, Metal attachment, white and blue glass beads.

Process time: It took 2 hrs to make all the paper beads and one hour to coat them and half an hour to complete the earring

Visit to see more gorgeous works

4. 3dart

title work:  "SUNSHINE' a paper quilled earring.

1. Description : sunshine is paper quilled earring, made up of 3 mm paper strips.its a stud chandelier earring.
2. colour variants : violet, yellow and magenta
3. time taken : 2 hrs, 45min (approx)
4.process : paper quilling, its an art of rolling paper stips with thumb and index finger, it takes loads of patience .n believe me its super fun.
5.size : length 7.00 X breath 5.00 cm
6.material used : paper, adhesive, metal stud, gloss,

Visit: and check all their work be amazed

5. Meows collections

Title : My gift

Description: combination of agate with Swarovski on oxidised silver. Am gifting it myself for the good work at urban hands!!!

Visit for some beauties

6. ecoaabhusan

Title :I am beautiful; I am green

When I saw the contest requirements, this unique design came from my heart.  This pair of Chandelier earrings is very stylish & contemporary with Indian touch.  Here is my work drawn from the imagination of magnificent glories of Lord Krishna symbolized by his iconic peacock feather. The final product is a fusion of this feather on a hand crafted wire work embellished with acrylic beads.

Materials used à

·        feathers – Upcycled pet plastic bottle, hand-printed using mix media technique

·        Wire work with white and blue acrylic beads

Approach followed à

I first imagined and designed the complete work on a piece of paper (can be seen on the bottom right of the image).  Then, I realized this creation.

Visit : for more of the Eco Jewelry 

Title: "Sameera"

I have used 18-gauge copper wire to create the forms of the earrings. The curvy frames were fashioned using wire then hand forged and polished. Tiny dyed red coral beads were coiled onto thinner 26-gauge copper wire to create a burst of colour. Svarovski crystal beads in various hues of purple dangle from the center of the frame to add sparkle. The curved frames are attached to each other using hand-made copper jump rings to give them that fluidity. A heart shaped connector has been used to attach jump rings to the frames and the hand made and forged copper ear wires are the final cog in the wheel which brings  the chandelier earring together. It is a lovely coming together of rustic copper wire, vivid coral beads and sparkly crystals, which completes Sameera.

From design on paper to completion of piece took about 4-5 joyful creative hours. Trimadhura is the dream of 3 sisters living in different parts of the globe, who share a deep love of handmade creations that have a unique appeal. This love of beauty which links many of us together makes us appreciate this initiative of Handmade 'N' Beyond. The inspiration is Trimadhura's love to create handmade items. 

Name:  Roshni Patel Shah (Klay Kala)

Title: Shree Ganesha Earrings (Chandelier)

Description of Item - Shree Ganesha Earrings (Chandelier). These are 100% handmade & wearable earrings made from Polymer Clay.

Inspiration - I recently started playing with Polymer Clay and make my Creations. As in Indian tradition, since any new work is started with the name of Ganesha - The Vighnaharta. I thought of creating a Chandelier Earrings with Ganesha.

Material Used - 
Polymer Clay (Green+Red, Blue, Orange, White, Black)
Gold and White Acrylic paint
Paint Brush
Beads and required attachments.
Process of Making - 
Used Polymer clay to create Ganesh's crown, body, base, tooth and eyes. Used White and Gold Acrylic paint for decoration. It is 100% Handmade and NO molds or Stamps are used.
Baked the earrings in the Oven.
Added the Beads and attachments.
Time Taken - 4 to 6 hours

Visit: for some more beautiful work

9. CraftsAndCandies

Title: Ethnic fuscia

The earring is based on a concept. I have done the base stud resembling sun and moon, which means both men and women have a equal footage in our society. The stud is the symbolic representation of it. The stud is followed by two peacocks with their feathers open, meaning the wings already exists for us, all we got to do is just open a feathers and fly/dance. The chandelier pattern is made from the shape of mango ended with a red bead. I wanted to add Indian touch to it, with modern colours so for this ethnic design I have used bright combinations such as yellow and grey, peacock blue, onion pink and ultramarine blue and finally bright yellow and blue for the mango. That is reason behind the title “ethnic fuscia”.
The medium I have used is clay with beads and stones. I have painted the earring with acrylic paint. Total time taken for it right is approximately 8 hours and my inspiration to take part in this contest.
Her first attempt at earring making, 

Visit: for all the other work by this artist

10. Neenakriti

Title: Tatted Bali

Description Of the Item: Chandelier earrings. The Base is a Baali and the petals with beads is made around it with  tatting.
Time taken 2 hrs.
Material used: Anchor pearl thread and bead
Nature is the inspiration.
Tatted Petal Earrings
Tatting is the process,Fill the shuttle with the thread and make the pattern by adding beads.

Visit : for more of her beautiful earrings and bags

11. Innate designs
TITLE: Desi Diva

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Handcrafted chandelier earrings carved out from coconut shell gives a royal charm look.And is stucked with lucky red seeds enhance the entire grace of the earrings.Moreover the core material used, adds an 'ecofriendly' title to the product.

INSPIRATION: The specific handcrafted chandelier earrings have got its inspiration from the mughal art and design.

MATERIALS USED : Coconut shell,Lucky red seeds,Acrylic Paint and findings


  • Design the jewellery piece on a piece of paper.
  • Using coarse sandpaper,sand untill all the 'hair' is removed from the coconut shell.
  • Do the same thing to the inside of the shell.
  • Copy and stick the desired design onto the shell.
  • pierce and cut the design using bow cutter.
  • Finish the edges with various file tools.
  • Mark the holes wherever needed and drill it.
  • Paint it with acrylic .
  • Lucky red seeds should  precisely cut and have to stick on the top of the coconut shell using adhesive.
  • Wait untill it completely gets dry and a coat of varnish have to apply on the top .
  • Then the completed pieces has to join using jump rings and hook has to attach finally .

Visit: for more of their designs

Title for my work : Sway around with colors n sound 

Name : Divya Silviston

Description of Item : Indian Chandelier full of colors and sound !

making time : 30 minutes

Material used : Tibetian silver chandelier component, stone beads, metal bells, gun metal findings and silver hooks

What inspired you : Wanted to create a different chandelier apart from the usual riot of colors wanted to add the tingling sound of bells. You hear the sound when you do any action. With children around you (along with your ear) will be the center of attraction :-)

Title :Sindoori
Name : Puja Sharma

I call my creation, SINDOORI (Hindi)- which translated in english is called Vermillion. Married Hindu women put Sindoor ( Vermillion) in parting of their hair as sign of marriage.There is No festive ritual complete witout the use of Sindoor. This colour is Favourite of Goddess Durga who stands for Shakti ( Power). As its festival season coming in for Indians , I was inspired to take the colour that symbolize it. So I have used Red & gold as these represent colours of our festival.

I have put multiple lines of crystal using metal links in a diamond shaped brass plate with holes punched in it. Another metal link is used to complete the top of earring using textured acrylic metal coated bead.Gold polished Hook is used for hanging.

It takes 25 minutes to make this pair of earrings. I have used Red glass crystal beads, Textured Acrylic metal coated  beads, Punched brass metal plates, Gold polished Hook and links.

Visit her website :

Title: Twisted

Description: A pair of glass bead earrings with little dangling
elements at the bottom.
Process of making: I stringed glass beads in a nylon string and played
around with coiling them into each other
Time taken to make: 1 hour.
Material used: Glass beads, nylon wire, metallic jump rings
What inspired me: This pair is inspired by 'Supercoiled DNA'

15. Vaibhavi

TITLE                              :   JHUMKA GIRA RE
NAME OF CREATOR       :   Jothi Vinod

DESCRIPTION                 :   The earrings have one big jhumka in BLOCK COLOURS pink and violet as the centre piece and many smaller jhumkas in the CHANDELIER for the INDIAN TOUCH in it.  The jhmkas are paper quilled to perfection and the pink shiny beads and gold plated beads add to the beauty of the piece.

PROCESS OF MAKING   :    3mm pink and violet paper strips used to make the jhumkas with paper quilling technique, mounted on headpin and hung on the loop.  Smaller jhumkas made in single colours, teamed with pink and violet beads and gold plated beads, hung on the lower end of the loop for the chandelier look.

MAKING TIME                 :   2 hours approximately

MATERIALS USED          :   Gold covering beads, 3mm quilling strips in pink and violet, pink shiny beads and gold coloured hoops and hooks.
INSPIRATION                  :    Jhumkas are my personal favourite.  One of the main T&C of the competiton was INDIAN STYLE and what could be more Indian than jhumkas!!!!  Pink and violet was the colour of my  favourite PATTU PAVAADI (silk long skirt) during my childhood, just loved it and hence the colour combination for the earrings.  The colours also suited the condition of BLOCK COLOURS. 

Visit into all kinds of Crafts and beautiful

Title: 'White Tangerine Chandelier Earrings'

Material Used: Wire, Beads
Description : 
The Making - The Chandelier Earring are completely Handmade (except the beads :P) ! All the components used in the earring is individually made by Wires. 
Inspiration - I wanted to try my hands on Wire Wrapped Earrings from a long time and this Earring Contest seemed to the perfect time to try my hands on something completely new to me. Something which is Completely Handmade :) I am so glad i could do it! 
The Time Taken - As the wire wrapping technique was completely new to me, there was a lot of trial & errors before i could achieve the Final Result. The complete process including the photography took 1 and 1/2 days to complete.

About Me - I am Deepa Arun. The sole owner & creator of Diyah Creations - A home to a colourful bunch of Jewellery & Accessories. 

Visit for more of her beauties

Title: Chammak challo

Inspiration: I love experimenting things..I always like trying new things.I have never made terracotta jewellery before. so I made these earrings.

The earrings are made out of fine terracotta clay.
Hand designed.No moulds or cutters used.After the designing is done,Fired in a kiln at high temperature to achieve stone like consistency.
Then I painted them using Acrylic and metallic colors.

Time taken: 1 1/2 hr for designing,1 day for firing and 1 hr for coloring.

Materials used: Terracotta clay,acrylic and metallic colors.

Visit : for more of her paintings and more

Title : "Quilled Creamy Earring"

Process of Making : Using Quilled papers, made petal shapes and combined to form a Chandelier shaped earring. I have no idea in the jewlery making
and this is my first attempt.;)

Time Taken: 1hour

Inspiration: I love doing anything with papers. So i have chosen doing with Quilled papers and of course my favourite and most inspired artist 
Subhashree Natarajan Owner of  "Yadhs - Jewelry making and Paper quilling":)

Visit: for all her paper and niche art work

Title: Tatted beauties

My earrings are made from cotton thread using tatting. I've used crystals and silver colored wires for hangings.
It took me 1 day to design it. Then I made one trial sample and finalized the design. It took me about 1 hour in making final piece. So in total, it was a two day process for final piece.
Earrings are about 8cms. long and 2 cms. broad.
I saw a hanging with this kind of curves which inspired me to make this design with tatting. I changed the design to suit tatting patters and then made this earring.

Visit to see her whole collection

Title : Talk Dainty
Name : Rohita Vee
Description : I let my colours do the talking.
Materials used : Used a brass metal piece as a base. Embellished with rhinestones , running chain and a teardrop charm.Gave colour using nail enamels.
Process time : 1 hour. 30 mins for each piece.
Inspiration : The very theme itself.

Visit and be amazed with beautiful jewelry 

21. handmadez

Title: Fire and the deep blue sea


These chandelier earrings have been made with the fire of red and the deepness of the deep blue sea as the inspiration. To add to the Indianess and glamour of the earrings pearls and kundan have been added. Its a timeless piece which goes well with Indian ethnic wear.

Time required: 2 hours
Materials used:
Quilling strips
Paper glue
Kundan & stones
Earing hoops
Jump rings
Gloss finish varnish

Visit : to see all they have in store

Title:Pretty Aster

Pretty Aster earrings in dull gold embellished with bright coloured rhinestones. A statement in itself bound to make you look every bit of a diva you are ;)

Visit: for more of her Beautiful Collection

Title: Lotus Magic

Name: Christalina

Description: Playing with Clay, air dry , used the lotus Cutter for the Petal and smaller one for the finish. colors are , Peach, pop florescent Pink, and White. with a texture to match the lotus and Black studs to finish the look. Time taken 3 days, drying painting gluing and varnish.

Inspiration: A dress I love and wanted a pair for myself. 

Visit: Timeless-Creazion all of my other work 

For all the happenings please do Visit our Page and strong Community : Handmade N Beyond

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The earring design Contest 2013

The Chandelier Earring design Contest 2013

Submission Closed

This Contest Celebrates artist/Designers Living in Different Parts of the World We don't care where you are just show us what you got. Anyone Can Participate you don't have to be a Business owner or a full time Artist/Designer. Just a Passion to show your Skills


1. Only one pair per Designer.Items has to be made Exclusive to Handmade N Beyond. Before sharing it to your page.Once we display your Product and Introduce you . Please feel free to share it to your page.Anyone who shares their work before they allow us to share, will be Disqualified

2. Item needs to be a Chandelier Earring, Mixed medium/media earring with Colour block shades. An Indian Design to be with Modern Colours. you could use anything from beads to fabric.

3.Has to be a Chandelier earring not Hanging or loops.

4. The Earring with most Likes will be the winner of the Contest will be awarded a virtual Certificate  OF the best Chandelier design Earring of the Year 2013. Your Page products will be Advertised on a daily bases for a whole month. and also An interview about your work will be on the Facebook album and on the Handmade N beyond and  Blog

We believe in the power of the Handmade to transform both individuals and Communities.Help Us Grow we need your Support.
Handmade N Beyond our mission is to grow economies through Craft.

Submission Dates : 1st Oct to 6th Oct 2013. Any entries after this Date will not be Displayed.

Contest will Stand hold for a Whole Month Starting 7th Oct to 31st Oct. 

Only the participants of this Contest, their work will be Shared on regular intervals for the Month of Oct. The Comment page will be closed during this Duration.

To participate

Send Four clear Pictures,prefer white background Size 800x600
Description of Item, process of making time taken to make the Pieces and Material used. what inspired you and a title for your work
Also please mention your name ,company with Links of face book or any other website 

Email submissions to

Wish you all the Very Best 

Venue HandmadeNBeyond 

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Importance of exhibitions in Handmade

One needs to consider that exhibition work as a part of culture and talent.offers a variety of means to appreciate the worth and relevance of handmade.Exhibitions range from an extraordinarily large event ,to small one-artist.

Art exhibitions include an array of artifacts from countless forms of human making: paintings, drawings, crafts, sculpture, video installations, sound installations, performances, interactive art, etc. Art exhibitions may focus on one artist, one group, one genre, one theme or one collection; or may be organized by curators, selected by juries, or show any artwork submitted. Exhibitions take it As a reliable media for exchange of information,celebrates both the rich history and Artist.explores the wide space between the hand made and the mass manufactured. Crafting Architecture features handmade architectural models to highlight the importance of craft in the design process and in communicating concepts & strategies.

Long before vintage fashion boutiques were in vogue, artisans found ways to repurpose precious handmade with fair and stalls Display advertising,Throughout history and across cultures, We at Handmade and Beyond value certain objects because they are handmade; because of whose hand made them; and because they are historically important.Toward the other end of the crawl, participants can create handmade postcards, buttons and sculptures at the Shake It & Make It with and exhibit. These are among the assortment of activities throughout the Cultural District that are and will be more to come.

So I urge that when you know of an Exhibition and its Location and nothing to do on a weekend then go Visit be amazed, and get inspired I have one to my notice, And i feel sad I cannot be there I am based in another part of the Country but I will someday Go to Chennai to see this  Exhibition called the Urban Hands. 

The Chennai Crafters present to you their craft event, the "Urban Hands - 2nd Edition!" Chennai's in-house talent pool come together to showcase their work under one roof!

* Open from 10am-7pm on 14th and 15th September
* There is NO Entry Fee
* We do not accept credit/debit cards, only cash transactions

Venue - Bamboola Play school

Address : #73 (Old #26), Venkatakrishna Rd,
Raja Annamalaipuram, Chennai - 600 028