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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Handpicked Handmade N beyond Buddy contest Winner

           Hand Picked Handmade N beyond Buddy contest Winner


Year 2014


Artists: Nivedha Selvaraj and Amala Savee Remigius

Title - Liberated Soul
“Your wings already exist, all you got to do is fly”

Product: Mixed media wall clock

Time Taken: 8 hours

Why Amala and me?

She is also interested in arts. She was my roommate but now lives in Japan. Though she stays far, we

share a special bond and she has always been there for me. Conceptualization and material procurement

(disc and coffee filter paper) was done by Amala and design & execution was done by me.

How the idea hatched?

When we came to know about the contest, we thought we would create something that has meaning to it

apart from being labeled as just a product. We discussed a lot and finally came up with the theme that best

describes us, free, independent individuals who believe in expressing their thoughts and who fights for it

even if it means standing alone. We wanted the product to go hand in hand with the concept and the time

machine perfectly fitted the bill. “Liberated Soul” was thus born!

Liberated Soul - Description

We are bound by the rules this society imposes on us. What we are and what we want to be fades off in

due course and we lose our individuality. Our wings do exist, all we got to do is just fly, only then we could

reach for the sky.

Liberated Soul – Decoded

Materials used : (Most of the materials are recycled ones)

1. Canvas board

2. Disc

3. Cardboard carton box

4. Newspaper

5. Canvas wooden sticks(Comes along with the canvas board for support)

6. Net cloth

7. Coffee filter paper

8. Buttons

9. Wooden embellishments

10. Acrylic colours

11. Craft glue

12. Clock parts

Process decoding

• Tear off the cardboard carton box into separate sheets. Stick the sheets on canvas as per design. I

wanted to give a vintage look, so chose it to stick it to the bottom of the canvas as it gives a layered


• I stuck a layer of orange colour net cloth(sleeves of a salwar, good that I like wearing sleeveless)

on the top part of the canvas. Next, I took strips of newspaper and used it randomly. Newspaper

for sure adds vinyl touch to any art work.

• The sketch basically represents a girl who wishes to fly like a bird. I have done the girl’s hair using

flowers and other embellishments. Major portion of her head is covered by the disc.

• Place the disc and see if the sketch looks appropriate. (can glue it later)

• The flowers had been done using coffee filter paper. I used buttons to make it look like the old

time machine .

• On top of the time machine, I painted the birds white with their wings open. The wings of the

birds are done using canvas wooden sticks

• Now, I glued the disc to the canvas, I wanted an embossed one, so stuck two wooden sticks to the

base and then mounted the disc on it.

• Then, I painted the entire canvas board as per the look I wanted. ( I usually paint at the end, since

its easy to maintain the shade throughout).

• Finally, I fixed the clock parts and put the battery, to give life to the liberated soul I was creating.

for more details 

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Friday, 5 September 2014

Handmade N beyond Buddy contest Winner

                                Winner of Handmade N beyond Buddy contest 2014 goes to

                                    Sravanti Akella and Reshma Tanveer  Winner with Most Likes


Description of the creation:
Many colors, cultures and religions by all means but rise as one - INDIA

Process of making: paper quilling technique

Time taken : 2-3 days

Materials used: paper strips and embellishments (for title border)

If any one interested it can be on sale too...

The passion of creating unique handmade piece has inspired myself and my buddy reshma!

Title for the creation : unity in diversity

One thing about my buddy which made me to work with her is the zeal in exploring the creativity

Note: for the title , we have used quilled spiral border and certain embellishments and the letters are being quilled

And for the main creation we have done only by quilling paper