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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Buddy Contest 2014

timeless.creazionWelcome and Enjoy

1. . My Facebook page is at

This is one of 10 pieces in my next collection called Mehrunissa which is a collaboration between Deepti Agrawal Mittal of Deepti Designs and myself. She is a Madhubani artist who lives in USA while I am based in UK.  Her Facebook page is at . My Facebook page is at

I have been making jewellery for just a little over a year and I had admired her work for some time. I approached her way back in December 2013 with this seed of an idea that I had, to use her artwork in my jewellery.  She was instantly game and we started the creative process.  My brief to her was a simple one – Mughal miniatures done in the style of Madhubani. So in essence this was going to be a Tribal Fusion project and Deepti was all too eager to have a go at this as she is always on the lookout for unique canvases to convey her art as is evident from her shoes, bags and home décor items which you can see on her website .

She worked on some designs and after several whatsapp messages we had our 10 pieces of artwork.  Next Deepti set about making the pendants ready to be strung with semi-precious beads into statement pieces of jewellery.  The whole process from start to finish took us just under 8 months and the Mehrunissa collection is finally ready to be unveiled to the world.  We will be sending out a Certificate of Authenticity with every piece we sell to reiterate the fact that these are indeed one off unique pieces designed by Deepti and exclusive to Sanskara Designs.

Our collection goes live on Saturday 30th August 2014 and as per competition rules, I will be uploading all other nine pieces except this one that has been submitted as our entry to your competition.

The most amazing part of this collaboration is that Deepti and I have only ever communicated via whatsapp with the occasional email and not even spoken once to each other over the phone let alone meet in person.  Best use of technology ever!

2.   And

With a description of creation, process of making, time taken to make the pieces and materials used , if for sale or personal.
  • Description of the creation: Our jewelry set was created by me with my buddy Veena's concept of the design and colors based on her inspiration. This is a reversible set (can be worn either way) of necklace and two pairs of matching earrings that go with it.
  • Process of Making: Primary material used is Polymer clay. The design was hand drawn to make a template on paper and was transferred to polymer clay to create base. Finer design details were added to the base shape using  Polymer clay, Swarovski stones and seed beads. We made two rough versions for either side of the pendant and refined the colors and designs based on the rough versions for the final output.
  • Time taken: Total of 2 days but with breaks in between to finalize and refine the details (It was a absolute collaborative effort between us as we had a lot of back and forth on changes to design based on what we saw in the rough versions that were made and fine tuned with design and color changes etc.).
  • Materials used: Polymer Clay, Swarovski Stones, Seed beads (golden), Glass bicone beads (for necklace), Findings like clasps etc (for earrings and necklace) 
  • Is it for Sale or Personal?: It is for Sale but it will be shipped from the US (so shipping charges will apply)

What inspired you and your Buddy and a title for the creation. One thing about your Buddy that made you want to work with him/her. (One line only from each participant).

  • What inspired me and my buddy: The vibrant colors of an Indian street festival that Veena recently witnessed served as an inspiration in the overall choice of the unique combination of colors in the piece representing the vivacious, lively and bold mood, with the upcoming Ganesh Chaturti inspiring the other side of the pendant.

  • TitleDvaimātura (one who has two mothers). This is one of the names of Ganesha and we thought it is a great name for this Jewelry set since it was conceived and created by us - two mothers (me and my buddy :) and it also has two sides (reversible) 

  • One thing about your buddy that made you work with her? My buddy is my first cousin and we have been wanting to pair up for a while where she gives a design and I create it...and this was a an apt opportunity to do so.

No 2.

Title - Liberated Soul
“Your wings already exist, all you got to do is fly”
Artists: Nivedha Selvaraj and Amala Savee Remigius
Product: Mixed media wall clock
Time Taken: 8 hours
Why Amala and me?
She is also interested in arts. She was my roommate but now lives in Japan. Though she stays far, we share a special bond and she has always been there for me. Conceptualization and material procurement (disc and coffee filter paper) was done by Amala and design & execution was done by me.
How the idea hatched?
When we came to know about the contest, we thought we would create something that has meaning to it apart from being labeled as just a product. We discussed a lot and finally came up with the theme that best describes us, free, independent individuals who believe in expressing their thoughts and who fights for it even if it means standing alone. We wanted the product to go hand in hand with the concept and the time machine perfectly fitted the bill. “Liberated Soul” was thus born!
Liberated Soul - Description
We are bound by the rules this society imposes on us. What we are and what we want to be fades off in due course and we lose our individuality. Our wings do exist, all we got to do is just fly, only then we could reach for the sky.
Liberated Soul – Decoded
Materials used : (Most of the materials are recycled ones)
  1. Canvas board
  2. Disc
  3. Cardboard carton box
  4. Newspaper
  5. Canvas wooden sticks(Comes along with the canvas board for support)
  6. Net cloth
  7. Coffee filter paper
  8. Buttons
  9. Wooden embellishments
  10. Acrylic colours
  11. Craft glue
  12. Clock parts
Process decoding
·         Tear off the cardboard carton box into separate sheets. Stick the sheets on canvas as per design. I wanted to give a vintage look, so chose it to stick it to the bottom of the canvas as it gives a layered appearance.
·         I stuck a layer of orange colour net cloth(sleeves of a salwar, good that I like wearing sleeveless) on the top part of the canvas. Next, I took strips of newspaper and used it randomly. Newspaper for sure adds vinyl touch to any art work.
·         The sketch basically represents a girl who wishes to fly like a bird. I have done the girl’s hair using flowers and other embellishments. Major portion of her head is covered by the disc.
·         Place the disc and see if the sketch looks appropriate. (can glue it later)
·         The flowers had been done using coffee filter paper. I used buttons to make it look like the old time machine .
·         On top of the time machine, I painted the birds white with their wings open. The wings of the birds are done using canvas wooden sticks
·         Now, I glued the disc to the canvas, I wanted an embossed one, so stuck two wooden sticks to the base and then mounted the disc on it.
·         Then, I painted the entire canvas board as per the look I wanted. ( I usually paint at the end, since its easy to maintain the shade throughout).
·         Finally, I fixed the clock parts and put the battery, to give life to the liberated soul I was creating.

No.4 Story of Two cousins  1)Prachi Ghatwal
 Working at Creative Capsule Infotech (IT Company), Goa

2)Riya Gaonker (My buddy)
Student at Goa College of Fine Arts

Description : Jewellery box
Process of Making: 
Take an old shoe box, wrap it neatly with craft paper from the outside and inside. 
Take a cardboard. Cut its length such that it fits in the box vertically. This is in order to create compartments from the inside. Wrap it with craft paper and stick/tape it inside the box to provide two partitions.
On the outside, paste the plastic lace on either sides like a border. Then paste a mirror in the centre. On a separate paper, paint and cut out any figure (we painted a lady in our case). Stick it beside the mirror. Punch flowers of different colors and stick them around the mirror. Cut out paper leaves and stick them around. Stick sequins too. 
Cut out a latch shaped structure and stick it infront of the box. 

Time taken:
We took a total of 6 hours to do it.

Materials used:
  •  Shoe box
  • Craft papers
  • Mirror
  • Plastic lace
  • Punch
  • Cardboard
  • Acrylic paints
  • Sequins
  • Scissor
  • Glue

The creation is for personal use.

What inspired us: I came across "Handmade N Beyond" Facebook page as one of my friend had Liked it. I read about the competition and decided to take part. I This is our first online competition.
I was thinking of making a Jewellery box since many days. When I came across this competition, I decided to make one and submit.  
We both enjoyed doing the creation together. 

Title: The Little Treasure box. 

One thing that made us want to work with each other:
Prachi says - Riya's knowledge and ideas are always amazing. 
Riya says - Prachi's creative skills and enthusiasm makes me enjoy working with her.

NO 5.  and

Title : Love is in the air <3

About my Buddy : I did this project along with my sister. As said creative minds has no limit, she experiments herself in various mediums.
She do crochet, ribbon embroidery, tessellations, origami and most of all quilling is her favorite. :)

Description: "A lovely heart shaped tree made by combining quilling and papercut"

We thought of doing something which we can work together. she gave the complete idea of making a heart shaped tree.!  

Materials used : It is made completely out of paper.
>Quilling strips and glue
>Handmade paper and cutting knife

Process of making: The trunk and branches of the tree, swing with two little birds and few hearts are drawn individually and i made the papercut from handmade paper using a knife.
My sister made various size of quilling hearts from 4 mm strips of colors pink, red and white. she divided the paper strips into three sizes of length 2 mm, 1.5 mm and most tiny one is 0.5 mm.
Finally we glued it in the cardboard of size 37 x 45 cm. Can you believe this whole tree has 231 hearts!!! <3 <3

Time required: We planned from the day contest was announced. As we combined and made it, we had lot of ideas which keeps on changing and we took almost 5 days to finish.

We both are crazy on doing crafts but we never worked together so far. We really enjoyed and had lot of fun doing it. Thanks to Handmade N Beyond for making it happen!! :)

Artist 1:
fb page >
blog >

Artist 2:
fb page >

NO 6. Let's Paper It and Sahana's  And and blog

Title: Quilling-e-Mehendi

Description of creation, process of making, time taken to make the pieces and materials used , if for sale or personal - 

We wanted to keep the focal point of quilling and started off with the wedding theme, after taking lots of things into consideration, we zeroed in on the mehendi which is part and parcel of every Indian wedding, and found this was the perfect thing we were looking for since we can showcase the beautiful quilling in a design. Hridya took 30 minutes for drafting, but being her she kept on modifying the design, finished the entire piece in 5-6 hrs over 3 days. The design was completely made out of paper - quilling strips and a couple of rhinestones here and there, ah not to miss the pearl ;) Just made it for the HnB contest, if anyone wants to own it, glad to :)

Whereas I took an hour to sketch and possibly 12 hours to complete the design. The design is A5 size but the small size made the quilling tricky. The design was inspired by Mehendi however the final design looks like a rangoli now :) We both kept on sending pictures to each other with each successful step completion. Was an awesome experience to see the different interpretation of the same theme.

What inspired you and your Buddy and a title for the creation. -
We both wanted to do something which would showcase the intricacy of the art of quilling and what best than our own mehendi patterns which adorns many a hand. So basically we have tried to incorporate the intricate mehendi patterns into a design using the art of quilling.

One thing about your Buddy that made you want to work with him/her -I love Agnisha's work especially her quilling but I also love her versatile character, she can work with anything and the end results are fab. Glad to work with her on this one.
Hridaya brings her own style to quilling. I have loved her work and when the buddy project came up the artist with whom I wanted to partner was 'Hri'. Was fun working with her. She was patient in dealing with me and waiting my last minute submission. 
Hridaya's pages:Let's Paper It and Sahana's which deals with paper quilled jewelry
Agnisha's page: and blog

NO 7.  and

We have thought of collaborating our work for long time and this very unique contest gave us an opportunity to putting our plan into action. We got to know about the contest few days before- so somehow we tried to put things together in limited time. Our Apology for missing out the last date. Will be glad if you consider our work.

My buddy Shobha and I have created Coffee Table Lamp.

Product: A Coffee Table Lamp made by a recycled wine bottle and hand painted lampshade .

Material Used: Fabric Shade and recycled wine bottle, jute rope and acrylic and fabric paint .

Process:  We have recycled a wine bottle , covered it with fine jute rope for the lamp and for the shade, we have outlined the madhubani design with the Black Acrylic  3D Paint and highlighted fish and outer circle with Red Fabric Color .

Our Product is for sale.
NO 8. Timeless Creazion  And Totally Creative

WE both are the T and C  Creators .

WE also live just a walk away and Sat down creating this piece took us about a week . we share common interest in Creating love experimental. Just a perfect match we make .

Title:  Time Keeper

Description: THe Desk organizer is what we Created . REcycled to make a Desk box. the shelves made of Quilling which is the best ouf what Totally creative does. also the Big Owl crochet to give the perfect accent to the watch. A little clay magnet and the pocket from an old jeans made by TImeless creazion. a totally full functional Project standing pretty on the desk and it already put to use.


No 9  . Sravanti akella and Reshma tanveer

Description of the creation:
Many colors, cultures and religions by all means but rise as one - INDIA

Process of making: paper quilling technique

Time taken : 2-3 days

Materials used: paper strips and embellishments (for title border)

If any one interested it can be on sale too...

The passion of creating unique handmade piece has inspired myself and my buddy reshma!

Title for the creation : unity in diversity

One thing about my buddy which made me to work with her is the zeal in exploring  the creativity

Note: for the title , we have used quilled spiral border and certain embellishments and the letters are being quilled

And for the main creation we have done only by quilling paper

This is all Folks.  For more info please check

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Handmade N Beyond Buddy Contest - 2014



Have you ever liked a fellow artist’s work????... And "wondered if you could do a project together to create something beautiful"... Now imagine collaborating with them....If you’re wondering how.... Presenting HNB's Buddy Contest...All u have to do is pick a fellow artist doing something, together along with your work and send in a unique unveiled entry which shows the harmonious medley of both your work" this contest is to build a better handmade community and to appreciate fellow artists work too.... This Contest Celebrates Artists/Designers Living in Different Parts of the World. We don't care where you are just show us what you got. Anyone Can Participate you don't have to be a Business owner or a full time Artist/Designer. Just a Passion to show your Skills is needed.


Terms & Conditions


1.       Only ONE Creation has to be made Exclusive to Handmade N Beyond, before sharing it to your own page or your buddy’s page. Once we display the Product and Introduce you, please feel free to share it on your respective pages. Anyone who shares their work before HNB, will be DISQUALIFIED.


2.   Any creation that you and your buddy artist can come up with will be accepted – No Boundaries


3. We are going to have TWO Best Creation Winners (two pairs). Which means you and your Buddy/ Fellow artist wins.


Winners Selection:

(1)    The winner with most likes; (2) HNB’s favorite pick winner.



Prize for Winners:

Firstly, your page products will be Advertised on a daily bases for a whole month. Secondly, an interview about your work will be on the Facebook album on Handmade N beyond and Blog.


 Dates and Other Information:


Contest will stand hold for a whole week starting 

         29th August to 5th September 2014.

You can submit your buddy Project starting today till last date of submission being 27th August.


Only the Buddy Contest participants work will be shared on regular intervals for the Month of September 2014.


For Entry and Participation: 

1. Send 2 to 3 very professional clear pictures, with white background or a background that suits your creation best . Size 800x600.

(Artist from anywhere dont have to be just to HNB

1. Buddies who stay apart can collaborate by either one design and the other puts the pieces together

2. Buddies can do 2 different projects using same theme/concept.)

Entry should be submitted by  any one artist who are pairs along  with other required details.

2. With a description of creation, process of making, time taken to make the pieces and materials used , if for sale or personal.

3. What inspired you and your Buddy and a title for the creation. One thing about your Buddy that made you want to work with him/her. (One line only from each participant).

4. IMPORTANT: Also please mention your name/ buddy’s name, companies with Links of facebook business pages or any other websites. You OR your buddy can 


Email submissions to


Wish you all the Very Best.

May we all come out winners with our creativity, and sense of community...and most of all enjoy and have fun…