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If you are looking for beautiful things, your search ends at Shopo. From Jewelry to home décor to stationery to upcycled accessories, Shopo brings you some brilliant pieces handcrafted or designed with love, from all over India.

If you love making beautiful things, Shopo could change your life. Shopo lets you open your own online storefront with hassle free backend operations! In simpler terms, we let you do what you love the most and take care of the rest of the dirty work to make your products superstars! is the marketplace for everything with an Indian heart- The place for contemporary and traditional Indian designer and hand made stuff, and their creators

Handmade N Beyond is dedicated for the growth of  handmade unique art and crafts. A new mission of the Timeless Creazion Group.To strive a  community for very highly imaginative and talented people who create art and crafts projects in their homes and communities. Not limited to Show casing the featured work from Online Websites that appreicate and dedicate to show Uniquiness and not just mass produced products but soul of an artist work but also edgy selection of objects made from Artist and their story behind it all.
Everything is shared. If you love making beautiful things get inspired or If you are looking for beautiful things to gift we are just a place to spread smiles.or just see the current contest and giveaways take part and win :). Every item will have the details of each artist and their contact will be displayed along with their store details

Handmade N Beyond Our Mission is to grow economies through Crafts

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Everything beautiful is inspired to be shared and Appreciated

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