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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Copycats Don’t Last

You DON'T Scare Me 

Our time is precious, isn't it? We now live in a world that is different from what it was 10 years ago. With the age of the internet, everything is done twice, if not triple times as fast as before. What was previously unheard of before can now spread like wildfire, and with it came a wonderful surprise.We now have niches and segmented group of people who are interested in vastly different things. Best of all, we have the ability to search and gather exactly what we want, whenever we want it.

What would you try if you had no fear and what adventures would you go on if you weren't afraid of risk?
Copycats are a fact of life in the  world. No one likes someone suckling at their creative teat , but instead of getting mad, get over it and get AWESOME.Some handmade artisans are afraid of people copying their work and stealing their ideas (which is something that happens, I know!)
No two true artists will produce exactly the same work.  You’re always coming up with new designs and ideas because creativity bubbles out of you! The more you give, the more you get!
You’re a creative soul!There are rare occasions when a more serious action is required, but in most cases it’s best to take a deep breath and let some time pass before letting it fade away. Why? Because you’ll {often} never know for sure if it was a try case of The Copycat. I will absolutely admit I’ve called others a copycat. It felt powerful at first but later on I felt terrible
Worrying about copycats is unnecessary negative energy.
Someone could go look at my shop and replicate all of my designs and there’s nothing I can do about a copycat.
I’m all about the  Positive Mental Attitude.

But you can’t help how you feel, right?

You can help what you DO with your feelings. Take that GRRRRRR you’re feeling about that copycat and go make something really kickass


Take a deep breath.
Take the afternoon off + enjoy a creative day.
DO NOT (!!!) share your frustrations via social media or email.
Screenshots + hurtful words can’t be deleted.
Homework// Search for materials, color palettes, textures, product designs + word usages that are unique to you by taking your initial idea and re-creating it differently. Take your idea to the next level. Customize it. Sit on it for a day or five. Re-create it once more. Allow your idea to become marbleized through this process. When you feel comfortable with your idea put on your shield of bravery + move forward. Don’t let others words bring you down. And allow what you experience to continue to mold you into your best self.

If someone is using your photographs, text, or artwork without your permission, they are committing actual copyright infringement.  In such cases, I’d suggest sending them an email politely explaining that you are the owner of the work, that using it without your permission constitutes copyright infringement, and that you are asking that they remove it to avoid legal action. Most people will oblige with an apology, because they simply didn’t know that what they were doing was wrong. It’s a sad side effect of information being so readily available on the internet that many people just assume they can take anything they find on the internet and use it.Everyone can be creative — copycats are merely serving a need within a market (cheaper knock-offs, etc) that has nothing to do with YOUR market. Copycats are here to make money, designers and artists are here to make a difference. Which side are you on?

Copycats don’t last.

They’ll make quick buck off your idea and then move on to someone else’s idea. And then they’ll die. Figuratively, of course.

Every single instance where I felt I was copied- the shops were either gone within a year or the person stopped replicating my design very quickly.  You know why?

Creative people are driven by the creative process. They would get bored very quickly with copying.

Copycats are driven by money. And sooner or later most of them will realize what all of us handmakers already know- if you’re in this for the money, you’re going to be sorely disappointed.

As a creative soul, you’re constantly coming up with new designs and ideas, they just bubble right out of you because you can’t help it. You encourage the flow of creativity because when your work is constantly fresh and new, your customers get excited and buy more! Now this creativity that comes naturally to you is what means you don’t have to be afraid of copycat artisans. The people who are true copycats will never be able to come up with new ideas on their own. They have no creativity or else they wouldn’t be stealing designs and pictures, they’d come up with their own! You, on the other hand, are filled with creative energy, so you’ll always be ahead of the curve. You define the curve!

You need to empty your cup in order to fill it!

It’s a universal truth that the more open and giving you are, the more will come back to you in unexpected ways.

I hope this little article has set your mind at ease from worrying about copycat artisans. I bet some of you will disagree with me, and I’d love to chat with you about it down in the comments!  hugs of creativity to all of you! We make amazing art and the world’s a better place for it!!

Friday, 28 June 2013

Why is handmade “so expensive”

I decided to write this article to shed some light on the work that all of us that run a handmade business are doing

I know many sectors of the economy have started to recover but the craft industry still isn't so.with a constant question from buyes Why handmade is “so expensive” With so many store closings and web-sites shutting down. There is less and less things we can do

Sometimes it’s better not making a sale then charging less than it’s worth.

This is a few I have heard over the times

“Rs 700 for a t-shirt?!”

“I love your website, but everything on it is overpriced!”

“Your stuff is too expensive.”

“Are you rich or something?”

“I could make that for Rs 100.”

“Sorry, but that’s a rip-off.”

“rs 1000 for a your stuff? You’re not Gucci.”

I’ve heard it all. It’s not something I hear often, but any other seller will tell you- you remember every comment like this. They get under your skin. They fester. The next thing you know, you’re a walking rage zombie! At first it made me worry that my prices were too high. And even now that I have years of success under my belt and wonderful repeat customers that assure me my stuff is worth every penny, the rude comments still hurt my feelings sometimes.

This is my job. It may not be like your job. I don’t have a boss or regular hours, and I don’t have to drive to work or even get dressed for it , but this is how I pay the bills.

I’m always tempted to asked these people, “How about I come down to where you work and tell your boss you’re overpaid?” Because that’s essentially what they’re saying to me. Why not be rude right back? But I’m too polite to do so.these comments stem from a lack of awareness versus rudeness,including all the behind-the-scenes stuff you probably never even think about. (And that most of us don’t charge for.)

maybe I can just make a few people think, “Oh, I hadn’t realized how much work goes into that!”

Step 1: The design phase
I sketch most of my ideas before I start cutting. Sometimes it’s completely spontaneous. I just start doodling and see where it takes me. Other times I have exactly what it will look like all planned out, and I want to get it down on paper so I don’t forget anything.

It’s usually just a quick scribble of pen or pencil on paper. Other times I take more time. I’ll add color with colored pencils or do the sketch 4 or 5 times before nailing down a particular design.

Step 2: The drafting phase
I make a lot of one of a kind designs, which naturally requires some drafting. This can range from drafting an entirely new pattern to altering an existing pattern in my collection.
For most custom orders, I redraft my pattern to match the customer’s measurements, as most people don’t fit into “standard” sizing.

Step 3: The cutting phase

This is another step that varies from piece to piece

Step 4: The Gluing/ sewing phase

Step 5: The measuring, weighing, and inspection phase

Step 6: The photo phase

Step 7: The photo editing phase

Step 8: The listing phase

When I add an item to my website, I have to upload the photos, write the listing description, and decide on a price.I can copy most of that information, but it still takes time. It probably takes about 10-15 minutes to complete the original listing and 5-10 more minutes each time I relist in one of my other venues

Step 9: The marketing phase 
Listing isn’t enough. The second most important component of selling an item online (photos being most important, as I mentioned before) is promotion. If you don’t get the word out, no one will know your stuff is there! For the time it takes me to promote one item on the various social networking sites, estimate that goes on and on

Step 10: The shipping phase

Once an item sells, I have to get it packed up and ready to ship. I spend about 5 minutes tagging and folding and another 5 minutes packaging and labeling. Then I email a shipping notification to the customer.

Note: Most sellers actually drive your package all the way to the post office and stand in line. They’re not only spending time doing that, but they’re spending money on gas. I have the post office next to my apartment a walking distance of 5 mins, but for some sellers, this is a big Time Hog.

You can make the case that taking photos, editing photos and listing the items all should count as overhead. But so should the TON of time I spend doing extraneous things not counted on this list. Responding to customer emails is a huge one. Every time someone asks a question about an item, it’s another 5 minutes, at least. For the average custom order, I spend at least an hour emailing back and forth with the customer, sketching, shopping for materials, etc. Probably more like two or three hours.

I have to order supplies. I try to clean and oil my machines and my work area everyday. Not to mention the actual cost of  machines, computers, utility bills, rent.

In most standard pricing models, you double the “at-cost” price for wholesale to cover the overhead and then you double the wholesale price for retail! I would be surprised if there were many .I don’t point that out for pity’s sake. The responsibility to price things to meet my own goals and needs is on me. Like many artists, I choose to price where I’m comfortable knowing it will sell.handmade sellers using that kind of pricing model,

My stuff isn’t marked up at all, and neither are most handmade artisan goods. Even so, our time is more expensive than a sweatshop worker. But when you buy handmade instead of buying from a corporate giant, you’re getting a lot of things from us that they can’t offer. Handmade means we care about quality and attention to detail. Sweatshop workers care about one thing: make it as fast as possible. Handmade means we care about customer service. All corporations care about is that green stuff in your wallet. Handmade means you’re helping the local economy. Corporations mean you’re helping some rich get even richer.

The point is:  We put a lot of time and effort into my pieces, which is what I’ve tried to illustrate here. If you don’t appreciate that, that’s okay.All I ask is that the next time you’re going to open your yapper about the price of someone’s handmade goods, think before you speak.

And lastly, I’d like to take a moment to thank all of my customers, who are NOT the people that make the comments at the beginning of this post. With their support and appreciation, I am able to do something I love.

and share your comments 

Friday, 21 June 2013

YOU will be the next success story?


Be SMART When Setting Your Goals!

This weekend, I want to share something with all my crafting friends

If you know anything about me, then you know that I believe that words, thoughts and actions need to be in line, to get the results you plan to achieve.   You also know that I believe in the SMART Method for achieving goals.   I share it here  because many of you are just getting started and perhaps you need to put a bit of thought in front of your efforts, to be sure those efforts lead toward your goal.

Perhaps you want to sell at a craft fair, create more  or new items to sell, earn a certain amount of money, become an instructor, build an online store, teach more classes.  Whatever it is, define it and be specific and know why you want to achieve the goal.
Goals have many different levels. First create your "big picture" goal. Second, break this down into smaller and smaller targets that you must hit so that you reach your “Big Picture” goal. Finally, once you have your plan, start working to achieve it. Now RELAX Take A Deep Breath Release and GO

The SMART METHOD for achieving goals.
I encourage you to write down the goals you want to reach. Evaluate your goals and make changes, as necessary to fit the SMART Goals Criteria below:
S = Specific
M = Measurable
A = Attainable
R = Realistic
T = Timely

Specific is the what, why, and how of the SMART method.
WHAT are you going to do? WHY is this important to do at this time? What do you want to ultimately accomplish? HOW are you going to do it?Be sure the goals you set are very specific, clear and easy. Instead of setting a goal to start a Craft or art business, set a specific goal to start a card making business or become an  art instructor.

If you can't measure it, you can't manage it.
Choose a goal with measurable progress, so you can see the change occur. How will you see when you reach your goal? Be specific! "I want to sell 20 pieces of my work this month  ,” is a specific target to be measured. "I want to sell  this year” or “I want to attend a craft fair" is not as measurable.  With measurement you are able to celebrate your achievements!  Because selling 2 pieces is some what clear.  Be clear.

Goals you set which are too far out of your reach, you probably won't commit to doing. Although you may start with the best of intentions, the knowledge that it's too much for you means subconsciously you will always be reminded of this fact and it will stop you from even giving it your best.
If you aim to create 500 pieces for others this year, we all know that probably isn't achievable.  But setting a goal to create 1 to 2 new ideas each month is attainable and when you've achieved that goal, you’ll celebrate.

Come up with a plan which makes the goal realistic. The goal needs to be realistic for you and where you are at the moment.  A goal of teaching every weekend might now be realistic for you with family, work and your own life obligations.  However, a more realistic goal would be to teach 2 weekends a month and perhaps a week night or two. You can then choose to work towards creating a schedule that incorporates this.
Be sure to set goals that you can attain with some effort! Too difficult and you set the stage for failure, but too low sends the message that you aren't very capable.

Set a time frame for the goal!  If you don't set a time, the commitment is too vague. It tends not to happen because you feel you can start at any time. Without a time limit, there's no urgency to start taking action now.  Remember to keep your time commitment measurable, attainable and realistic!

Stay Relax and take a deep breath and Ready!  Set! GOALS!!!

Friday, 14 June 2013

Handmade Jewelry that is more than fashion

Unique, Creative and Beautiful Collection of Handmade jewellery!Handmade Jewelry that is more than fashion.Design ideas tend to be an expression of what is commercial rather than an expression of the busy ideas of a restless designer.Here is a brief introduction to a few of the designs and Designer Artists

Expression created by Hand 

We start with 

Everything Earthy, Everything Arty.Handcrafted and Hand painted Terracotta Jewellery,


A collection of  beautiful, handcrafted accessories.
Made with paper


A passion converted into fashion.Bead neck piece with crochet to just earrings , they have it all under one roof.

                                                 Sueño Souvenir

Clay handcrafted jewelery immetating real life everyday to miniatures and wearable

Everything made from  coconut shell, coconut wood and coconut fibre.

 ‘Krafted And Artisan Jewelry’ Fashion jewelry made with semi precious stones, crystals, feathers and other beads.A passion to make jewelry to an obsession

'Earthen concepts' showcases Clay art in all forms, from a hobby to now taking orders 

Upcycled Products for a greener planet. One of a kind handcrafted creations. creating one-of-its-kind unique handcrafted products. 

creating with Polymer Clay, Wire - Silver and Copper, Artisan Lampwork Glass Beads, Gemstones and Crystals.Vegan and everything in store is 100% Vegan

Support Handmade Creations. From Quilled, Crocheted and Beaded Jewelry/Accessories. The creations are one of a kind and not factory produced, so once its gone, Its Gone! 

Kohbar Ghar is a unique platform that offers a wide range of hand crafted/ hand painted/curated products

jewellery from retro to metro , geek to chic !You are sure to find something to add to your attitude!

mesmerized. for sure 
A blend of creativity,craftmenship & quality have been the cardinal principles!

Hand painted Customized Jewellery, products are made by ecofriendly products i.e with pieces of waste wood,coconut shells,old jute pieces etc,


Quiwells-Quilled Jewels. Customised handmade paper jewelry.

Thank you all for going through this post like us on HandmadeNBeyond and like all these wonderful artist as well 

and share and keep sharing let all these wonderful artist be known 


101 Reasons to buy handmade

Frustrated by  criticism

The truth is, if you’re building something epic, you’re going to be juggling a lot of pieces. They don’t always go together neatly. Sometimes they don’t go together at all.

All we are left with is imagination everyone with an imagination is an artist.Imagination creates success

 people buying Handmade are supporting independent designers

Imagination is more important than knowledge."Albert Einstein "

Firstly, everyone has an imagination. Also, everyone’s imagination is unique I feel everyone has a story and can use their story and imagination to interpret life.challenged every step of the way.This is an article about how to maintain the most vital tool which any  artist has, namely your imagination.Your imagination is unique and, even if your’re inspired by other works – then anything you produce  is also uniquely yours. No-one can produce anything exactly like it. Therefore, for any  artist, your imagination is the most important tool of your trade – it’s the engine that powers everything else.

Creativity in art and design has always been most successful when imaginative connections can be made, leading to original and innovative ideas.

In fact did you know Arts and crafts, in short, are not luxuries that we can dispense—or dispense with—as the mood strikes us. The skills, knowledge, techniques, models, concepts, and inventions that artists and craftspeople develop sculpt the imagination, making new sciences and technologies possible.

You may prefer a more traditional arts and crafts interest, such as custom pottery .others may prefer quirky unique different
 Arts and crafts develop such skills as observation, visual thinking, the ability to recognize and form patterns, and manipulative ability.

So for all my friends out there who want to know we all our artist in some form or the other :)

In order to support the handmade community, and promote the importance of buying handmade goods, I am asking artists, designers and shop keepers to provide us with 101 reasons why one should buy handmade.

Leave your comments either on the HandmadeNBeyond like page in the comments or on the comments below

Saturday, 8 June 2013

iMade Facebook Coverpage Contest

iMade Facebook Coverpage Contest! Hurry submissions allowed until 22nd of June'13

Do you love to Doodle? Do you love to paint? Are you an Artist? Do you love graphic designing? Do you have in mind how iMade's Facebook coverpage should look like?

If the answer is YES, Here's your chance to win a U.S. $100 and let many, many people see your work!

Submit an original handmade work to us for iMade's Facebook Coverpage through email at

If your work is selected iMade will change its coverpage to the chosen one and your work will be seen by many, many people!

To be able enter this contest:-

1. Like this status.
2. Share this status.
3. Tag minimum 5 of your friends on this status.
4. Submit your work to before the 22nd of June'13

Please note you need to follow all the points above in order to be considered.

fb link


Friday, 7 June 2013

Buy/Sell Handmade Items Online

Buy/Sell Handmade Items Online

Currently, there are tremendous amount of online websites offering best of quality products, payment methods, fast shipment and many other portal where you can have handcraft traditional products and their designs, traditional and non traditional good online based in India.A wide range of destination for e-shoppers and E-sellers in India to get historical handcrafted products and non traditional products and  enjoy the beauty of real Indian diversity. You will be amazed to see that that there are more than 500+ varieties of Indian handicrafts and non tradition art and crafts. you are at the great digital freedom to choose the crafts made by authentic craftsmen at the click of a mouse.Or just be that Authentic Craftsmen.

a Few of the site names mentioned below

Its a site that I do have a shop and I have made quiet a few sales easy to use website if anyone wants to open their one shop online.Websites that appreicate and dedicate to show Uniquiness and not just mass produced products

Its a site that has a lot of products big market patcience is a virtue for this one but I have had results on here too.Would recomend opening a store a little lenghty hassle at first but all smooth later.Websites that appreicate and dedicate to show Uniquiness and not just mass produced products as well

Its one of the site that I tresure it give true value to what it means to be .Websites that appreicate and dedicate to show Uniquiness and not just mass produced products.very inetractive and active. uses heart in what they truely do. I do have a shop here but never had a slsae in over a year just back and forth emails of the site going to be in action. I wish them luck. I just found it looks very new and I plan to apply and see what happens this shop is work under progress lets hope it comes in soon I have big hopes on this one and would love to use it.
is an emerging venture which wants to bring to forefront the Indian culture at its best through its rich handicraft. Indian handicraft has.I will be listing my products shortly just an update we wish them luck ( now acquired by

their Moto

If you are looking for beautiful things, your search ends at Shopo. From Jewelry to home décor to stationery to upcycled accessories, Shopo brings you some brilliant pieces handcrafted or designed with love, from all over India.

If you love making beautiful things, Shopo could change your life. Shopo lets you open your own online storefront with hassle free backend operations! In simpler terms, we let you do what you love the most and take care of the rest of the dirty work to make your products superstars! is the marketplace for everything with an Indian heart- The place for contemporary and traditional Indian designer and hand made stuff, and their creators

Broke a lot of hearts and left a lot of handmade sellers stranded really.

I hope this post helps my fellow articians until the next post take care

 buh bye :)

For updastes and experiences you have faces please email us on
or visit our New Page


This is my Post and and Introduction 

Handmade N Beyond is dedicated for the growth of  handmade unique art and crafts. A new mission of the Timeless Creazion Group.To strive a  community for very highly imaginative and talented people who create art and crafts projects in their homes and communities. Not limited to Show casing the featured work from Online Websites that appreicate and dedicate to show Uniquiness and not just mass produced products but soul of an artist work but also edgy selection of objects made from Artist and their story behind it all.
Everything is shared. If you love making beautiful things get inspired or If you are looking for beautiful things to gift we are just a place to spread smiles.or just see the current contest and giveaways take part and win :). Every item will have the details of each artist and their contact will be displayed along with their store details 

Everything beautiful is an inspiration to be shared and Appreciated


I need all the luck and support on this one