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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Design To Serve An Online Exhibition 2013 Details and More

Design To Serve An Online Exhibition 2013

                              12th Aug - 3rd Sep 2013

One of a Kind handmade Items Never to find again made Exclusive for men

This Exhibition Celebrates artist Living in Different Parts.

Broken Toys, Yesterdays Newspapers, and old Bottle, we Many see it like trash, but in hands of a Professional they are to be Transformed into Beautiful Art.

This Exhibition will Highlight artist Pushing the limits the Power of Making.Featuring work in clay,Fiber,Glass,metal,wood,paper Mixed Media,craft is Defined as made for recycled/reused materials, and natural products,the pieces in this exhibition illustrate a balance of craft processes and unique ideas,combining tradition with innovation.

Meet the Artist who Participated

1. Participant is Yadhs - Jewelry making and Paper quilling.Visit their Page know all about her work like share say Hello. 

2. Participant is Meow's collections they are into Customized accessories and dolls... tradition in a trendy and cute outfit...Visit their Page know all about her work like share say Hello.

3. Sukritha Creations a role as a full time mom and part time online marketer of her work,Visit her Page know all about her work like share say Hello.

4.  Totally Creative . makes Unique hand crafted Paper quilling, Bead and Crochet jewelry sets, earrings, pendants, bracelets, rings, belts, bookmarks, keychains, trinklets (toe ring + anklet) and more.Visit their Page know all about her work like share say Hello. I will share her work that she Exclusively made for Handmade N Beyond Exhibition Theme tomorrow :)

5.  Jannat Juvals Beautiful handmade Jewels from hundreds of semiprecious stones and high quality Polymer Clay a combination quiet rare .Visit their Page know all about her work like share say Hello.

6.Art by Meenu Jetta A taught artist who loves painting,discovering and experimenting with different techniques and mediums..

7. Preeti's Creations this girl is so talented she can Hand-write on cards to be so exact you will be surprised.Visit her Page know all about her work like share say Hello.

8. Timeless Creazion Visit her Page know all about her work like share say Hello.

9.  Neenakriti for me personally I have loved everything she creates not a day I cannot share her amazing work. A legend in my eyes.Visit her Page know all about her work like share say Hello.

10. Kolorkrafts her Blog is more active than her Page so please Visit her blog once you check her page the painting will do the talking of her work..Visit her Page.. know all about her work like share say Hello.

11. craftisland Another artist who's page is coming up but again check her Blog has more to see and get impressed Visit her Page know all about her work like share say Hello.

12.  Imag e nation A quiet person in nature who speaks with her art work from recycling Visit her Page know all about her work like share say Hello.

13.  Amara designer wear ClasSY - QUirk y-ElecTRic- ELEGANT- Beautiful Apparels ( Ethnic-Western ) , Cache Boxes, Knick-Knacks.get impressed Visit her Page know all about her work like share say Hello. I will share her work that she Exclusively made for Handmade N Beyond Exhibition Theme tomorrow.

14.  Ayushiz Creations This girl has added a royal touch to make art decor for our homes .get impressed Visit her Page know all about her work like share say Hello.

15. She sent me a sweet message that her Project just got ready and I have a no rules Policy and I do understand Effort she does not have a Fan page but you just can see her work on her page

1. Yadhs - Jewelry making and Paper quilling.

Title for my work : "Love frame"
Description: A wooden photo frame of photo size 5 in * 5 in. Decorated by paper using the method of paper quilling and given a coat of varnish for strength and durability.
Inspiration : The concept of LOVE is my inspiration. For any Men the most special person is the "Girl" in their life and the memories they carry together. Photography is the best creation of mankind that hold all our memories. I wished to make those sweet moments more special by this handmade photo frame completely made by me using paper quilling technique.
Process of making time :
An hour in searching for photo frames which exactly fits my purpose.
3 hours for creating man and woman face using paper quilling.
An hour to make the flower and green leaves.
An hour to make the butterfly.
An hour to make the border with old newspaper.
2 hours to make the photo border ( love shape) with magazine sheets.
30 minutes for varnishing.
Materials used:
Wooden photo frame
Quilling strips
Paper glue
Old newspapers
Old magazine sheets
Gloss finish Varnish
Want to give her a compliment, Check her other work and  love her work Visit her @

2. Meows-collections

Title :The Relaxed
Table organizer - pen holder, card holder, photo/to do list holder(Adding Humor Look Carefully)
Its made of BREAD - BREAD CRAFT with the base being recycled items ( tissue holder, chocolate box, card board that comes with shirts). Have been doing bread craft for almost 9 years now and the first piece that I made is still as good as new in my showcase. The idea was given by my husband and am sure most men will need one. I have taken the theme of beach as thats a favorite place for many.

Time taken for the process excluding planning and raw material procurement is 16 hrs. 
Simple procedure is to treat the bread with insecticide and then make a dough of it with white glue. then we can proceed with making the required shapes. Its given a protective coat after drying. 
Care : use a soft brush to dust or wipe with slightly damp cloth
Want to give her a compliment, Check her other work and  love her work Visit her /Meows-collections

 The product is titled "MIRRORED RAKHI".

Description: Rakshabandhan is round the corner. And what better gift to provide your brother other than a handmade Rakhi. Here is a MIRRORED RAKHI from Sukritha Creations

Process: This Rakhi is made using the technique of crochet and hand embroidery. Beads are used to add to the beauty of the Rakhi. 

Time Taken: It can be made in an hours time

Material Used: Old mirror piece, yarn, crochet thread, crystal beads. 

Inspiration: My love for mirrored products

Name: Sunitha Krishnakumar
Company: Sukritha Creations
Want to give her a compliment, Check her other work and  love her work Visit her FB Page:

Enfield Lover Charm Neck-piece

Inspiration: My Husband loves Royal Enfield Classic 500 inspired the making of this piece. There are so many men out there who share this love for this magnificent Motorbike... This is a dedication to all those men who love to ride their loud big bullets...:-) So Keep Calm and Ride On.....

Description: This piece is a compilation of three recycled handmade charms in a black cord.

Process Of Making:
- Well since the exhibition was announced I had been brainstorming and considering what material to recycle/up-cycle......just couldn't decide.
Then, two days ago it hit me when I sipped on a (glass) bottle of Thums Up...?? Yes I was gonna use its cap. Got two bottle caps one 7Up and the other Thums Up...and sat down deciding what to do with them... knowing me it had to be jewelry, but for a man!!!
- Creative Sparks flying!!! No idea yet...hmmm called up hubby asked him exactly which bike he loved...Royal Enfield Classic 500 was his reply...there I had my idea.
- Got to work on the layout and color  theme...downloaded pics of a red Enfield checked out the others. Checked out quilled bikes too, knew I had to add some quilling element. Dilemma:-( work space on bottle cap was only 1 inch!!! Eeeeks!! Well I always wanted to do micro quilling here was my chance...
- Used word to crate some samples and finalized a few, got color print outs.
- Prepared the bottle caps by hammering them down to the shape I wanted. Coated them with black nail varnish placed them to dry. nailed holes for findings.
- Prepared the printed paper by painting PPA over it.....NOOO!!! Ink smudged all over bad idea :-(
- Luckily Hubby Brought two printouts...saved... this time applied glaze ...perfectly done kept for drying. All dried ready for cutting.....done all pieces, cut perfectly...:-)
- Placed circle cutouts on bottle cap inside and pasted, coated with glaze all over. Placed aside for drying
- Up-cycled old key with nail varnish, tiny cutouts and glaze. Ready!!
- Starting work on micro MotorBike.........hmmm.....after several hours completed at last...Whew!!!!  It's 1 inch wide!!!
- Placed and glued in bottle cap carefully and generously coated with glaze left to dry over night.
- All charms ready for their respective metal findings and  placement on black cord.
-TaaaDaaa!!! Ready for pics...:-)
Time Taken: Well actual time taken would be two days which includes, idea, layout color scheming, research, obtaining material, concept and finally assembling the idea.

Materials Used:

  • Bottle caps and Key
  • Paper Cutouts
  • Nail varnish
  • Glaze
  • Jewelry Metal findings
  • Cord
  • 3 mm and 5 mm Quilling Paper (red,silver,white and black)
  • White Glue

Created and conceptualized by Fawzia K Dhandhukia
For the Love of my life Aalim A Dhandhukia



Title for my work : Pista Key Chain 
Description and materials of the item : Pista covers painted in antique golden color,Clay flowers,Antique Gold connectors
Process of making : 
a) Fixed pista covers with glue,painted them and polished them.
b) Made clay flowers.
c) Connected all the materials to get the final product.
Time taken for making the key chain : 1 hour
Inspiration : I wanted to make something special for my husband and it should be unique too.I love making craft items and I do jewelry designing also.Thus I combined pista covers and clay flowers to get the perfect gift for him.
Its unique and stylish.

name : Ann Mary Thomas
Company name : Jannat Juvals
Facebook link :

6. ArtByMeenuJetta

One of the most beautiful relation is the "Brother sister" relation.

As rakhi is not far! I thought I would make something beautiful for a  sweet brother.

Title- "phoolon ka taaron ka sabka kehna hai..ek hazaro me mere bhaiyya hai"

My item includes 3 things...

1)  Tea light candle holder     -   I used a waste CD as the base.(scratched one which was not working anymore)..I painted the cd and decorated it with paperquillings and pearls.

I made a tea light candle holder wishing that his life is full of light and happiness,no darkness at all.

2)  Greeting    - A greeting for wishing,blessing and writing what ever u want to..I gave an empty space in the center so that a sweet memory pic can be pasted.

3)   Rakhi  - The thread which binds the love..
I took the ganesh ji sticker from an old wedding card,painted,decorated and made a rakhi out of it..

  It took her  3 days to do this
Want to give her a compliment, Check her other work and  love her work Visit her

Paper Craft
Approx 2 days of making time
Materials used are Old Box Card-board, Papers
Looks Different Then the Normal Greenting Cards
" BOX GREETING CARD " can b gifted on bithdays or anniversary

Want to give her a compliment, Check her other work and  love her work Visit her Preetis-Creations

Title Love for Reading

Description and materials of the item: A paper weight ,The Item is made with an empty Jar of Nutella and some left over Jute string. The figurine inside the Jar is a little owl made with Clay no molds steam punk Inspired has a little Eye glass Lives in on a Book tree .Special Feature it has a Slight Glow in the dark.

Inspiration: My husband is a Book lover reads and writes a lot of Notes, this is my way to show that I love Him and a Gift he will always look at when on his desk.

Want to give her a compliment, Check her other work and  love her work Visit her Timeless-Creazion

TYPE OF THE PRODUCT - Men’s Crochet Muffler
COLOUR – Cream and Maroonish red Alternate Stripes
Taking an average of 2 hours of work every day, it took me 5 days to complete the crochet muffler.
Usually crochet art centers around women-centric products. Since I have two sons, I thought of making something for them as well. My sons inspired me to create products for men
And this comes in an old box that is Decorated to a gift Box

Want to give her a compliment, Check her other work and  love her work Visit her Neenakriti


The designs are intended to create intricate patterns on a recycled cool drink bottle.
A combination of acrylic and glass colours has been used to create the desired effect.

Title for my work: "Shaving Pouch Organized"
Item and Material used: I have made a shaving pouch. It is made of synthetic leather and inside lining is of cotton and synthetic net. Has two see through net pockets, one of the pockets has zip for closure. Height is 5.5'' and width is 8'' and 9.5'' from bottom and top respectively. A zip is attached on top.

Pouch is machine stitched but for extra strength, I've used hand stitches with thick thread on leather. Top decorative stitch is also hand stitched.

Process of making: I first decided on the shape, dimensions and then materials. Drew a pattern and made a prototype(with waste clothes). Once I was satisfied with the prototype and decided on the steps of making, I cut lining pouch. Sewed the lining pouch completely (with pockets and zip). Then made a similar pouch with synthetic leather(without pockets of course). Attached lining pouch temporarily to main pouch and then attached Zip on top. After this sewed lining and pouch together.

Time Taken: It took me about 12-13 hrs. in total, including time for design and prototype. Hand stitching also took more than 1 hr.

Inspiration: I was looking for a shaving pouch for my husband which was not much bulky but could house all his essentials during his out of town trips. In his earlier pouch, while looking for things, he had to take out everything all the time since it did not have inside pockets. Most of the pouches available in the market also did not have inside pockets, so I decided to make this pouch.

As per the condition of the exhibition, inner lining materials(cotton and net both) are up cycled. I have small pieces cotton left after my earlier sewing. Net pieces were leftovers of window covering.

My facebook page is craftisland and blog is craftisland

Item Name : The Aircraft
Item Details :
After watching Steven Spielberg’s animation film on Tintin, I made the first edition of this aircraft to fulfill the wish of my 5 year old son. After some trial n error I made this second edition with some changes, specially for this event.

It’s made with materials like cardboard roll, corrugated packing box, pin, acrylic paint and glue. It took almost two days to complete the job.

titled Knot it up!!

A tie and that too be done using some recycled stuff.. well again lots of thoughts and finally ended up doing it with JUTE (kantaan).. usually used in packing grains...
So implemented it..!!
in Love with the final product is stunning!!

As have mentioned its, make of Jute in which grains where packed..and a inner black linning is used which was a left over from a dress I made..and bits of threads which was also a left over as well that added color plus some design to it..and studs..

 Want to give her a compliment, Check her other work and  love her work Visit her Amara.designer.wear


dimensions:  frame1- 14" * 12"
                     frame2- 13" * 11"
                     frame3- 11" * 13"

base is left over hard boards of registers and note book and the design is made on the other side of the used printed paper {normaly a4,a3 in size}
the coffee used to paint is from the dry coffee bottle which was left opened by mistake and couldnt be used to make drinking coffee.. that was a waste actually which i used to color the printed waste sheets

all the frames are made with intense love especially for rakshabandhan.
these floral frame collection is an apt gift from a sister to her brother or vice versa so as to keep their memories fresh and alive forever.

time: it took me around 3 days to complete these beautiful frames.

materials used: mdf board, ceremic, coffee, acrylic colors, sealer.

 Evita, Company: (Not yet formed) 

Title: Basket of Love
 (Note: Picture with cosmetic products and perfumes are for illustration only)
2. Description of the Item: A storage tray made out of recycled paper. Women have purses and special organizers to store their perfumes and cosmetics. But men are left out of this game as it never strikes anyone that they also own a number of perfumes and cosmetics. But giving a special thought to my husbands and brothers needs, to store 'his' favorite perfumes, shaving creams and other lotions and to help 'him' never lose 'his' pair of socks again, this Basket of Love was designed. A special gift from a wife to her husband or from a sister to her brother. 
Dimensions (approx).: 12.5 inches (length) by 8.5 inches(width),  heights: 2.5 inches (longer side) and 5 inches (wider side)
. Process of making, time taken and Materials: Old glossy magazines, 70-90gsm paper used. Each sheet was uniformly cut into several 2.5cm stripes and individual tubes/ straws created out of them. Then these tubes were used to weave-in the whole basket, the olden days bamboo weaving style. It took me around 15 days to make.

For more details and their work stay tune and Visit HandmadeNBeyond


  1. Hello. I am a home based artist running a handicrafts business converted from a hobby. I make everything myself. I was wondering if you alsosell handmade stuff and if so wwould you be interested in exhibiting my creations. You can have a look at my work at http://farahartcreations. or farahartcreations

  2. Hi Farah

    I don't have a website to help,But my motive is to increase sales in Handmade by showing and displaying the work to my community group I not only is showing signs of growing in terms of creativity but also in terms of Motivation. I have seen your work and it is good I will be displaying your work after the first week of September will keep you posted you can also check out our page on Facebook.