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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Note to Buyers

Note to Buyers

We appreciate your Business
We are here to make your memories special in what we create for you.
We take your orders seriously
enormous time and efforts are put into things created. Each using hands to give the minute of details, to give it a perfect finish from start to finish including packaging.No two items can be similar or alike slight variation and difference will be seen, we all need each piece to be prefect not for the Buyer but for one's own satisfaction. We get only one chance to do an item for you and we value and appreciate that you are paying for the service of getting an exclusive piece.and as an artist I want to live up to your fullest expectation.the most amount of detailing is in what you have chosen, it takes that much of time to Create one piece, from research to getting the perfection, Care and lots of love. Prices are decided on various factors from Time taken to make one piece ,Size, raw materials and location to be delivered. Raw materials is not stocked like mass produced factories or places that have several hands employed.

DO not compare rates/price by telling me about another artist, I guarantee the best of what I can do to make it special.

Do you know that Soap takes up to 15 days to Cure?
Clay work has to be prepared for a full 24 hours before it can be used.
and paper quill needs hours and hours of shaping small strips.
crochet takes hours and hours of eye straining stitches

these are just a few basics of what artist do just to make you Smile.

Do understand we are not Unemployed we are Artist and we create Love and memories

Thank you

Monday, 2 June 2014

Interview with business owner 3 Dart

Handmade N Beyond spoke with Creators of  3 Dart - Shweta Yadav

Business: 3 Dart
Name: Shweta Yadav
Location: Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh

1.    How did you got your start? (What INSPIRED you and WHEN…)

Well I am crazy women for sure, when the whole class was burning their mid-night oil for the exams next day, I was sitting across a mess of handmade papers and adhesive on my table. It was my friend’s birthday the other day and all I wanted was to make her feel special, and that’s what I would do on their birthdays’. Its always great to see their expressions of joy upon receiving something which is just meant for them, They all loved my work and would appreciate the thought and efforts I would put in each of them,  Soon my family and friends started pushing me to take it on a professional front and here I am.

2.    Do you have formal training?
I often come across with this question from my clients, friends, relatives and it is amusing because  I haven’t went through any formal training in arts, ever in my life, infact i have went through a formal training in commerce instead hehehe , jokes apart , since childhood I would keep creating something or the other from the dry waste at home. Also  paper have got tremendous calibre to fascinate  me, I mean  one would always find a bundle of handmade paper in my room with which I would keep undertaking some or the other experiment .besides,  as they say i am a quick learner ( beware) quilling is a good example to justify that.

3.    What is your day job?

Well have just cleared National Eligibility Test in commerce so my day job is to study for fellowship and on look for lectureship and maybe by this season u’ll catch me somewhere with a stick, teaching kids (I am someone who loves being children )

4.    What's the best part of having your own business?
Freedom of experimentation , freedom to explore , it gives you wings to fly as far as you can, unlike conventional business you are not stopped by boundaries of someone else’s decision .

5.    How do you plan for the future of your business?

I won’t call myself a good planner phewwww!! But yeah!! I am a dreamer and I surly dream big, as of now  I am looking forward to our first exhibition this summer and for that we have started working already, chemical reactions are taking place in our laboratory hehehehe  . Besides , I am planning to add more attributes to my existing collection like key chains, neck piece, let’s see how far I reach in this direction

6.    As an Artist, what is your biggest frustration?

It’s been over  8 months since 3 dart is on roll and I have enjoyed every bit of it, from  feeding the customer’s demand  to taking inspiration from co- artists , I had a smooth ride ( fingers crossed ) and as you call me “ relaxed artist “ am always chilled out , hence so far nothing could really got on my nerves hehehe

7.    Are there any crafters/artists/designers that you particularly look up to?

Yep! Around a year back when I started off with quilling typography , while surfing through the net I came across with the work of yulia Brodskaya and I was totally blown by her creations, her work is simply fabulous and am sure she’s a goddess to every quiller here .

8.    What advice can you offer other creative people who are just starting out and following their passions?

Well , i can only extend what I follow “ Follow your dream with honesty and integrity, there is  a whole world of possibilities out there, you just need to take a leap on your creativity and broaden your outlook “ , all the best!! 

9.    How can fans purchase your work? Do you take custom orders and special requests?

Aahaaaan!!  For that , you just have to hop on to 3dart’s shop at my retail partner’s website and fill your cart with your favourite creation. And if you wish to get it customised , be it earrings , miniatures or typography all you have to do is just message us over our facebook page or mail us at we’ll try our best to bring that smile on your face :D .

For more info and updates you can visit us on FB page Handmade N Beyond