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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Holi Carnival Artist Designer Contest 2014

This Contest Celebrates artist/Designers Living in Different Parts of the World We don't care where you are just show us what you got. Anyone Can Participate you don't have to be a Business owner or a full time Artist/Designer. Just a Passion to show your Skills

Display of the Artist and their work

1. letspaperit

Description: I have made a poster for the "carnival" you are hosting. It took me 8-9 hours over 3 days to conceptualize and execute the poster. I have used a lot of quilling/quillography in the poster which I love doing. I made the banner using washi tape; balloons, the clown and the scissor with quilling paper - they r quilled. I have added the clown, banner, the confetti and the mask to indicate carnival; the scissors, button (if u can see it, a white one) and some thread to indicate craft/handmade.  The material used is paper, washi tape and glue and the single button ;)

Inspiration - I actually wanted to quill out the word carnival and make it the centre point but it did not come out well so I scrapped the idea and made this poster instead.

Title - Since it is a poster that I have made, let's call it "Poster It"

Other details about me:

Name: Hridya Anand
I am a stay at home mom to an almost 3 yr old, We live in KL, Malaysia. I do not own or run any business but am making baby steps into the world of handmade and hope to be noticed :)

My blogpage -
My FB page -


Title for my work-Dancing peacock.

Time taken-3days(making,baking n painting)
Material used is Indian clay(terracotta).

What inspired me to make it?
This carnival is about colours and any festival is happiness so  a  peacock came to my mind as the thought itself of a dancing  peacock stretching  its feather brings in colour, happiness elegance and peace.The glorious colour display raises my spirit and helps  to bring out the best in me.

My name- Anna Abraham
Business Name- Abraans

3 Dhanya Surendranath 


My name is Dhanya Surendranath and I am from Kerala. I have done my Masters in Biotechnology and I have also completed my MBA. I am not employed at present, although I did have a brief stint as a lecturer, and crafting takes up most of my time these days :) .

When I heard of Carnival, the first thing that came to mind was the Carnival Eye Mask. I always wanted to make one and cover it with quilled patterns but it never materialized. Till now, that is. Holi of course is synonymous with colors. So a Holi Carnival could only mean a riot of colours on a Carnival mask J.

That’s how I got to making this project. At first I thought of random patterns in various colours, but as I progressed, the work began to take a meaning of its own. I began to think about our country at large and its vibrant hues. So many colours, so much diversity and yet, they somehow seem to unite us. I thought of colours that all Indians identify with. The colours of our national flag. The colours of the peacock, our national bird. The colours of the lotus, our national flower. Those of the tiger, our national animal. The colours of the rich paddy fields, the colours of the sea and sand…
I have tried in my own humble way to showcase these here in this project. The base of the eye mask is made with glitter paper and the patterns have been made with quilling strips of various sizes. The mask has been designed in the form of two hands which are joined, signifying unity. There are two holes in the hands for the eyes, which is an appeal to my countrymen to open their eyes to the unity in our rich diversity.

This work took me a total of three days to make and was one of the most memorable projects I have worked on. I wish that this Holi, as we drench ourselves and others in colours, we take a moment to reflect on how much more these different colours unite us than divide.

4. DemiurgeKabeela

Name : Demiurge Kabeela
Title : Rajdulari
Description : Its is paper quilled Statement nacklace, made up of 4 mm and 1.5mm strips paper strips. Used 1.5mm strips for doing quilling (Which is little bit looks like embroidery  :p
Process: quilling is a beautiful art form that involves the use of paper strips that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create designs
time taken : 3:30 hrs (approx)
Colour : Orange, green and blue
Material used : paper, adhesive, metal chain, Claps and gloss.

Rose dress:
Dress made with satin, lace, net fabric and a matching hair band with roses. Colors always inspires me and I love create something colorful.

Name: Thendral
FB page:


TILtLE: venezia
Inspiration: City of Venezia .
 City of Venezia famous for “City on water” One of the 10 best cities in the world. The colourful masks made the city much famous. The revenue from the sale of these masks and tourism is the back born for the existence of the city.
Materials Used:
1.       Duplex paper
2.       Copper string
3.       Fevicol
4.       Handmade sheet.
5.       Stones
6.       Gold liner
7.       Elastic Band
Time to make: 2 Hours.
Markets Aimed: Birthday Parties, Fashion Shows, Carnivals and Festivals.
Company Name : SABIS
Designer : Sabna C Sreejith
Facebook Link :

I am Iswarya Venkat and i own a small business called "CREO". 
 my page . . .

My Submission for this contest is Mardi Gras | Quilled Mask Charm. 
I have always admired those masks in the carnivals and masquerade balls in fairy tales since i was a kid... I believe every mask exhibits a peculiar characteristic. 

This quilled mask charm can be worn as a brooch or a pendant.

Materials used : Paper, stones and chamkis to decorate.

Time taken :  1 and half hour.

8.  Serene's
Title: Holi floral carnival Bangle and earring set

This earring and bangle has the Indian design as base with the cute floral designs
its fully handcrafted without any moulds,
The earrings are inspired by the Ram Leela earrings(Chaand Balis) made to be colourful and elegant at the same time.I made the bangle as a matching set,This set will be a trending accessory for the white holi dress.its for the young and trendy girls who don't like gold.

Time for completing  the project:2 days

Materials used
Imported polymer clay ,metal base for bangle ,all findings for the earrings are in pure brass,hence hypo allergic.

Name :Dr Serene Teres George,Pediatrician,jewelry designer
Title of Work- Rang De Basanti

Description- Paper quilled earrings made water resistant by a coat of varnish. The colours used are yellow, orange, these colours depict the colours of Basant Ritu (Spring Season).which starts in March. Black is used to highlight the other colours

Process n time taken- Made coils of strips of paper n gave it a leaf like shape. Smaller coils were glued to the large piece...n a jhumka made from 4 strips of paper.Then a first coat of glue was given n left to dry for a day. Next day another coat of glue n after it dried a coat of varnish. Left it to dry overnight again n second coat of varnish given in the morning ( I always give it two coats for a better finish) Once dried completely the beads n hooks were attached n voila RANG DE BASANTI earrings ready to be worn.... :)

Inspiration - The Spring Season........The Lovely combination of yellow , orange n Red is the inspiration behind it cos I love working with colours.

Name of Company - Arainaa Designs

Facebook Page

10. Handmadez

Description of Item:Carnival Mask
Process of making: Paper cutting, quilling, stone setting
Time taken to make the Pieces: 6 hours
Material used: Paper, quilling strips, crystals, stones, feathers, glue
What inspired you and a title for your work: The theme of the contest. The beauty of carnival masks have always fascinated me and this contest gave me an opportunity to make one. :)


11. Sayuri 

Rangeen Mor - multicolor peacock

Inspiration: I have been inspired by the holi festival in totality. I have tried to depict how we begin playing by wearing white clothes (the silver peacock) , with rich colors slowly getting added on resulting in a murky gray at the end for loop. The wrapping pattern represent the striped shaminas (canopies) stretched out during carnivals and the beads represent the festival goodies.

Materials used - Filigree silver pendant, cotton and silk cords, wooden and semiprecious beads
Descriptions - the silver pendant was originally created (handmade) as an earring by a filigree artisan for one of my upcoming collections which was adapted by me as a pendant focal by wire wrapping it to the multi layered cord necklace which was made by me
My Details
Name: Divya N
site -
twitter -
12. Meow's collections

Title: Blissful Breeze
When life throws lemons make a lemonade! this summer (that's most of part of the year in India!) lets get eco friendly and fight back the heat with trendy hand fans when possible! Going back to the old way in style and paying less electricity bill too.. Celebrate all colours of life !
This hand stitched hand fan is made of jute and the middle figure of happy dancing Indian lady is made of thai clay. Took 8 hrs to make (without any molds or cutters). Can be hung like a wall hanging when not in use so servers double purpose.. 


Tilte of work - Carnival Fiesta outfit ( Fiesta in Spanish means festival or party)
Description of Item - A beautiful twirly  skirt in multicolor fabric. Accentuated with grosgrain ribbon in polkadots n a BIG bow in contrast color with a matching purse....The two together complete the outfit for a lovely carnival evening....for your little princess to twirl around in. The fabric has a riot of colours......A yellow base cotton fabric n has print in Pink , Green, n Blue...The skirt has a wide waistband n a full circle twirl.....Perfect to represent the happy colorful vibes of a carnival....Keeping this in mind the fabric was chosen n matched with the ribbons n bow
Process of making n time taken n material used - Material used is best quality cotton fabric... grosgrain ribbons in pink n green n blue polka dot fabric to make the bow on the skirt n purse. Honestly since fabric has been my medium of craft for quite sometime It took me about 5 hrs to cut n sew the entire outfit ( skirt n purse)
Inspiration - The Theme Of The contest itself was the Inspiration behind this. The moment I read the theme the colours that came to mind were Yellow, Pink , Green n Blue. and that's what I've used here, Little girls love to frolick around in twirly dresses n a matching purse to keep their bits n pieces on an evening out was what inspired me.
Company Name - Frills N Flares
Facebook Page -


Title: crochet Carnival masquerade

Description: process of making used Crochet the piece took  about 2 hours and is a
size 8 inch

Materials : i used silver thread and green stones for Decoration

FB Page: Handmade-Gifts-in-uae

15. 3 dart

Title: " Hullaa Hullaa!! Miniature Minions "

 (All ready to attend your carnival)
The moment I came across with HNB's challenge I knew, it have to be
miniature this time and these cute little creatures  featured in
"Despicable Me" took my heart long back. I love to play with colors
and your theme gave me all the opportunity to have fun with my
miniature Minions. One will always find Minions in a group and so I
came up with a group of 4 minions each dressed up in different attire
and all set to attend the carnival.

Technique used : Paper quilling

Miniature size : The miniatures  are approximately 5.5cm tall

Material used : Paper strips of different GSM

Strip size : For this particular project I have used paper strips
ranging from 0.5mm to 3cm

Time taken : each one took approximately 3-4 hrs, together I guess I
gave them 12 or so hrs

FB Page:
" Hullaa Hullaa!! Miniature Minions " (All ready to attend your carnival)
The moment I came across with HNB's challenge I knew, it have to be
miniature this time and these cute little creatures  featured in
"Despicable Me" took my heart long back. I love to play with colors
and your theme gave me all the opportunity to have fun with my
miniature Minions. One will always find Minions in a group and so I
came up with a group of 4 minions each dressed up in different attire
and all set to attend the carnival.

Technique used : Paper quilling

Miniature size : The miniatures  are approximately 5.5cm tall

Material used : Paper strips of different GSM

Strip size : For this particular project I have used paper strips
ranging from 0.5mm to 3cm

Time taken : each one took approximately 3-4 hrs, together I guess I
gave them 12 or so hrs

Fb Page: 

16. MakeMyCraft

Theme - Holi Hai

Description: Tried blow paint,Modern art.I wanted to show case holi balloons splattered all over.

Material: Kettle , paint

Time taken 2 days.

Fb: Page:

17. SiyaArts

Name of the Artist : Jayashri S

Description of Item: " Gulaal " 

I have very recently started playing with polymer clay, my new found passion. So wanted to make something with the same for this contest.A polymer clay creation in a vibrant colour combination of Yellow, Purple, Pink &  Green with a beautiful heart pendant. 

"Color is joy. One does not think joy. One is carried by it." With the theme of the contest being " Holi Carnival " all i could think of is multitude of colours which add up to the festivity, happiness & joy of carnival. Holi is the festival of colours, celebrating the arrival  of spring. People get submerged in color powder referred to as " Gulaal" . Hence the title for my creation ! The floral pattern in the pendant signifies the arrival of spring with early blooms.

Process of making:
The beads are made using the Extruder technique. The thin strips of polymer clay were slowly wrapped round each bead to get the extruded bead texture. 

The heart pendant is hand cut with a stencil paper drawing. The intricate flowers in the pendant is made using the Applique Technique of polymer clay making. 

 Time taken : 5 and half hours for making the entire set( including Baking time). 

Material: The  beads, pendant & earrings are made of colored Polymer Clay. The attachments used are hooks , crimps ,  barrel clasps and string.

Name of the Page : Siya Arts  ( )

18. GoldenTreesArtByVikashini
Title: Plethora of Celebrations

Thoughts flow-in when you utter “ Holi Carnival”. One can see the plethora of celebrations in my one-of- a-kind painting done for Handmade N Beyond.
Thoughts that struck me to create this fusion : Holi means colours, Carnival means festivals. And I came to a conclusion that I’m gonna make a fusion painting of different festivals combined to form one Story : Colours => Festivals => Happiness.
One can find the following : Holi Festival- Festival of Colours, Carnival – Masks, Rajasthan’s Desert Festival Dance by a multicoloured dressed girl, Govinda (breaking the pot- can be seen above the rangoli) during Krishna Janmashtami, Christmas’ Stars, Mehndi is usually a pre-marriage festival celebrating with a bride and her family, friends, Elephant Festival of Jaipur, Durga Puja, Lantern Festival of China, Dragon Boat Festival of China, Dussehra-Festival of Lights (Can be seen with the Ravana burning by an arrow, Crackers on the sky and with karthigai deepams) & Village Festival in India (One can see the Ferris Wheel, Kids with balloons, Shops). All these are interlinked by a common name “FESTIVAL”, which in turn spreads happiness and living with our tradition. We all assure to make these live for all Generations. (The space was enough to cover the above.)
Artist : Vikashini.P
Medium : Mixed Media on Canvas
Duration : 12 hours
Page :

19. Timeless Creazion

Title: The love for Rang

This contest was to Challenge my ability to think Beyond what I do a total Mixed media work.Play with beads and two of my fav medium Clay and Crochet. This big long Necklace is a Dedication To my sister its her B'day today and helped me all through the way to Make this Piece.Giving a look for Modern Neon Colors , Carnival masquerade painted faces to an all Indian Style Crochet Crowns that are Stiffened to stay in place a Jewelry set for the Bold and daring.

Duration: A whole week from design to painting. and Put this whole Mixed beads.

FB Page:

Thank you all for Visiting hope you enjoyed the display of all our artist/Designers to get a Full update visit HandmadeNBeyond


  1. Awww so amazing crafts and colorful designs!
    My warmest holi wishes to all!

    Shruti xxx

    1. Thank you Shruthi , am thanking all these wonderful artist who took time to make this happen :)