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Friday, 14 June 2013

101 Reasons to buy handmade

Frustrated by  criticism

The truth is, if you’re building something epic, you’re going to be juggling a lot of pieces. They don’t always go together neatly. Sometimes they don’t go together at all.

All we are left with is imagination everyone with an imagination is an artist.Imagination creates success

 people buying Handmade are supporting independent designers

Imagination is more important than knowledge."Albert Einstein "

Firstly, everyone has an imagination. Also, everyone’s imagination is unique I feel everyone has a story and can use their story and imagination to interpret life.challenged every step of the way.This is an article about how to maintain the most vital tool which any  artist has, namely your imagination.Your imagination is unique and, even if your’re inspired by other works – then anything you produce  is also uniquely yours. No-one can produce anything exactly like it. Therefore, for any  artist, your imagination is the most important tool of your trade – it’s the engine that powers everything else.

Creativity in art and design has always been most successful when imaginative connections can be made, leading to original and innovative ideas.

In fact did you know Arts and crafts, in short, are not luxuries that we can dispense—or dispense with—as the mood strikes us. The skills, knowledge, techniques, models, concepts, and inventions that artists and craftspeople develop sculpt the imagination, making new sciences and technologies possible.

You may prefer a more traditional arts and crafts interest, such as custom pottery .others may prefer quirky unique different
 Arts and crafts develop such skills as observation, visual thinking, the ability to recognize and form patterns, and manipulative ability.

So for all my friends out there who want to know we all our artist in some form or the other :)

In order to support the handmade community, and promote the importance of buying handmade goods, I am asking artists, designers and shop keepers to provide us with 101 reasons why one should buy handmade.

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