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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Importance of exhibitions in Handmade

One needs to consider that exhibition work as a part of culture and talent.offers a variety of means to appreciate the worth and relevance of handmade.Exhibitions range from an extraordinarily large event ,to small one-artist.

Art exhibitions include an array of artifacts from countless forms of human making: paintings, drawings, crafts, sculpture, video installations, sound installations, performances, interactive art, etc. Art exhibitions may focus on one artist, one group, one genre, one theme or one collection; or may be organized by curators, selected by juries, or show any artwork submitted. Exhibitions take it As a reliable media for exchange of information,celebrates both the rich history and Artist.explores the wide space between the hand made and the mass manufactured. Crafting Architecture features handmade architectural models to highlight the importance of craft in the design process and in communicating concepts & strategies.

Long before vintage fashion boutiques were in vogue, artisans found ways to repurpose precious handmade with fair and stalls Display advertising,Throughout history and across cultures, We at Handmade and Beyond value certain objects because they are handmade; because of whose hand made them; and because they are historically important.Toward the other end of the crawl, participants can create handmade postcards, buttons and sculptures at the Shake It & Make It with and exhibit. These are among the assortment of activities throughout the Cultural District that are and will be more to come.

So I urge that when you know of an Exhibition and its Location and nothing to do on a weekend then go Visit be amazed, and get inspired I have one to my notice, And i feel sad I cannot be there I am based in another part of the Country but I will someday Go to Chennai to see this  Exhibition called the Urban Hands. 

The Chennai Crafters present to you their craft event, the "Urban Hands - 2nd Edition!" Chennai's in-house talent pool come together to showcase their work under one roof!

* Open from 10am-7pm on 14th and 15th September
* There is NO Entry Fee
* We do not accept credit/debit cards, only cash transactions

Venue - Bamboola Play school

Address : #73 (Old #26), Venkatakrishna Rd,
Raja Annamalaipuram, Chennai - 600 028

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