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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Note to Buyers

Note to Buyers

We appreciate your Business
We are here to make your memories special in what we create for you.
We take your orders seriously
enormous time and efforts are put into things created. Each using hands to give the minute of details, to give it a perfect finish from start to finish including packaging.No two items can be similar or alike slight variation and difference will be seen, we all need each piece to be prefect not for the Buyer but for one's own satisfaction. We get only one chance to do an item for you and we value and appreciate that you are paying for the service of getting an exclusive piece.and as an artist I want to live up to your fullest expectation.the most amount of detailing is in what you have chosen, it takes that much of time to Create one piece, from research to getting the perfection, Care and lots of love. Prices are decided on various factors from Time taken to make one piece ,Size, raw materials and location to be delivered. Raw materials is not stocked like mass produced factories or places that have several hands employed.

DO not compare rates/price by telling me about another artist, I guarantee the best of what I can do to make it special.

Do you know that Soap takes up to 15 days to Cure?
Clay work has to be prepared for a full 24 hours before it can be used.
and paper quill needs hours and hours of shaping small strips.
crochet takes hours and hours of eye straining stitches

these are just a few basics of what artist do just to make you Smile.

Do understand we are not Unemployed we are Artist and we create Love and memories

Thank you

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  1. A great note - expecting an artist to recreate an item exactly is not going to work in anybody's favour and people should understand that