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Friday, 30 August 2013

Crafting with a Soul

I love Craft Shopping

I have a long story.Am back from my long day of shopping research on crafts,and am so glad I went for this meeting. I have pictures to share this couple was so kind to let me take the pictures of their work,am making two folders. One for Cutters that was what I truly went for :D, and one is sospeso trasparente a craft I heard of never seen it in real and I did just see it first hand most beautiful work ever i see of flowers. Well this is not about Sospeso Trasparente oh what and hows I share pictures of an artist who makes it but does not sell only Teaches  . This cute old Couple in their 70's something I must say was  a charm trust me sweet and jolly . ( when am old me and my hubby will be this way) . They work from their small apartment. The wife does Lamasa and , sospeso trasparente and many more she teaches, and she learnt them skills abroad I am in love with her work the whole house is clustered with beautiful handmade work. fountains and flowers, crystals beautiful brings a smile. but she does not sell only teaches.

 All suburbans in  Mumbai or anyone who is coming to Mumbai want to learn then you can contact me will give you details.and yes she is old School no Facebook or YouTube kinds,she teaches one on one full attention and shares good knowledge.Also her passion is in crafting not selling what she makes , she says it breaks her heart, so she prefers to teach and not do groups only one on one She did give me a tip too :) . well to cut it short. I asked her for the charges and costing and what she teaches guess, she asked me back, To my surprise a question back " Are you going to charge me for getting me students quietly in my ear",

 I Replied  "OH NO" . Then i think yeah I get a print and am done, but no she opens the draws to get just a paper and a pen and she wrote it all down in a piece of paper. I have had my biggest smiles in years. Simplicity can make me cry. I know that learning from experienced Artist is a blessings. And when I see the cost I am still shocked its not as much as the market charges.  I have it with me the list send me an email will give you details. I will have to type them as its on paper and hand written :D.also excuse me for these pictures I got them clicked from my phone. I am going to visit them next week on Saturday again. I will get some more pictures and more details.

To know any more and to get an action for more on crafting visit Handmade N Beyond


  1. hi..i am Mumbai and I want to learn sospeso art, can you please give me herdetails.will be really grateful to u.

  2. Hi I am in Mumbai can you pls share the no of that teacher

  3. Can you plz share details would like to learn