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Monday, 19 August 2013

Online Exhibition 2013 Second Innings

One of a Kind handmade Items Never to find again made Exclusive for men

This Exhibition Celebrates artist Living in Different Parts.

Broken Toys, Yesterdays Newspapers, and old Bottle, we Many see it like trash, but in hands of a Professional they are to be Transformed into Beautiful Art.

This Exhibition will Highlight artist Pushing the limits the Power of Making.Featuring work in clay,Fiber,Glass,metal,wood,paper Mixed Media,craft is Defined as made for recycled/reused materials, and natural products,the pieces in this exhibition illustrate a balance of craft processes and unique ideas,combining tradition with innovation.

Meet the Artist who Participated

1. Second Inning Participant First up is  M.DesignStudio9 check her Jewelry all silk I say, visit her meet her drop in to say Hello or just compliment her work :)

2. Second up My own little World Our second comes up is My Own Little World this Artist is a little paper wonder a beautiful human being always referring beautiful art to me, she does Paper cuts and paper quill and painting and sketching oh just visit her and give her love.

3.Our third Artist is Mitti Designs ,painting her first love but now has her attention to Clay and does all things clay,cake toppers,jewelry, and more. I was humbled by her taking part her creating is almost like looking at a painting, .visit her and give her love ,like visit be inspired.

4.Our Fourth artist is Frills N Flares almost  in the beginning her details attention has been to little girls but has now changed she is  also taken Cushion covers to a different level made Customized for little boys too , pay a visit see the transformation and love her work.

5.Introducing Our Next Design Artist Number Five is Winnie's Basket well for her work it is Bows and bags and headbands and glitters and a good cut to make them Beautiful visit her give some love and go aww

6. Introducing our last submission Handmadez she works on little things that Inspire her , all she needs is a spark in her mind and she starts to whip up her magic wand to create her unique design. sharing , visit her and see her work give some love and check on her work 


She is know for her lovely silk Accessories and this Box is no where close to what she designs
This is simple yet effective and Beautiful naturally the colors cannot be replica when it comes to paper from magazines. So no piece will ever be alike

 Title : Paper Bamboo box
Material used: old magazine paper and mount board
Made for her husband for his work table .(How romantic)

 Malika Shukla
M Design Studio
facebook page :

2.My Own Little World

Second Artist I admire her. Took her two days,she not only Draws her own picture and have the paper cut filigree but also expremients with a lot of mediums and artistic teqniques read about this one you will know what i mean

Title :"A Gift to Treasure<3" 

Description : I just thought of doing something which suits for everyone.
So i have chosen to do it for "Best Friend". No matter how old you are, we have a best friend to whom we share everything, fight endlessly and do all crazy things.

A Frame (30cm x 24.5cm). Instead of leaving a gap to fit the photo,i just fill it with a cute little Paper Cut and a saying related to it . 

Inspiration : I am passionate towards paper crafts and paintings. If i got a paper in my hand i ll do something with that  
Materials Used :
Recycled Items
1.Wooden Board left after carpeting (luckily i got a perfect shape:)) 
2.Old magazine papers
3.Old cardboard from a shirt parcel for the Paper cut and finally for the make over a white cloth, chalk powder, Fevicol and Acrylic Paints.

Time Taken : Approximately 2 days!!

Process of Making :

Here it goes!!:) First i covered the wooden board with a piece of white cloth. I used fevicol to glue it, make sure there should not be any 
ups and downs in the cloth,It should be perfectly flat. I used a paste (Mixture of chalk powder, fevicol and little water) and applied it over 
the board and made it dry. Actually same process is done in preparing the board for doing Tanjore Paintings. I used the technique here.
After the board gets dried completely i applied blue and white mix of acrylic paint and the board is ready!!!

Here comes the fun part.. To decorate the board i made many shapes by rolling the old magazine papers. I collected many number of rolls and
started making different shapes and i totally forgot that i am doing it for an exhibition:P Finally i pasted the rolled paper for the border 

My most favorite part is Paper Cutting. I have drawn this cute picture and used a old cardboard from the shirt parcel to cut it and finally 
wrote a saying relating the picture. 

Titled : Tribal Pendent
Description : Its a OOAK, unique tribal pendent made with polymer clay. Approx 3 inch in height. The pendent has true tribal feel, human head covered in pistachio shells over bone beads and animal tooth. All the work and carving is done by me.
My name is Rachana Saurabh, I am an artist. And these days I have change my focus on my clay work as I am not able give enough time to my paintings.
Talking about inspiration.. I was very much exited to participate in the exhibition, and I made a brooch as "something for Man".. But I didn't recognized the subject is recycling.. After a long time Pistachio shells solved my question It was something perfect match with the concept, and "Tribal designs - for Man" I took around 2 days to finish it as this is the first time I managed to sculpt a human face in clay.

For other creations check her Facebook page : Mitti Designs

4. Frills N Flares

Title for work - A SPECIAL BOND Description - An ipad cover with a wedding scene in warli style of painting for a special person...what i have made is an Ipad 2 cover...but it can be customized to any size also...the front is made in black silk with 2" band of red silk...the back is plain black...the outer cover is quilted while the inner lining is made of red silk....can be seen in the pics... Material used - Leftover pieces of red n black color silk fabric from another of my sewing project Process of making n time taken - It took me a day to first paint the warli design on the front side n let it dry.... the next day the sewing of the cover was done... What Inspired me - of-course my husband....he is a gadget freak....n my biggest support...he has always encouraged me to do what i believe in.....n ideally i would gift this to him on our anniversary maybe as the warli painting depicts the wedding procession.. Company Name - Frills N Flares  
Facebook Link -

5. Winnie's Basket

Title: The Beer Brooch

Description of my creation:-Like every man, my man also has a special corner in his heart dedicated specially to his darling beer (and surprisingly, i'm not envious of her). So every other weekend, post rendezvous with this darling of his, i'm left with a lot of cleaning and empty beer cans.
Thats when i decide to take matters in my own hands(quite literally!) I took all the cans, separated all the required tops from them, worked my way around with a little help from a nylon string, attached a pin at the back and voila! The birth of the beer brooch!
The beer brooch pinned to my prince charmings shirt or coat, although will be a quick reminder of beer, but deep down he'll know whos always close to his heart..

Many such quirky items are also available on my facebook page.
here is a link

Title: "Yaadgar Bookmarks"

Description: These are bookmarks whose base has been made out of old wedding cards, with quilling as the main element.

Inspiration: I thought of things that the men in my life like to do. For example, my husband loves his bike and listening to music, my dad is an ardent reader, and a couple of other friends are coffee lovers and passionate about photography. The common link between all of them is the love for reading. So I designed these bookmarks with personalized messages that will not only be about something they love but also made my somebody who loves them. J

Time required:
15 minutes for cutting the wedding card while avoiding the written text and design

Quilled bike – 45 minutes

Quilled camera – 15 minutes

Quilled coffee mug – 20 minutes

Quilled music notes and CDs – 20 minutes

Quilled bookworm – 20 minutes

Varnishing – 20 minutes

Materials used:
Old wedding cards
Quilling strips
Paper glue

Gloss finish varnish

Brand Name: Handmadez FB page link: Other website:

For more details and their work stay tune and Visit HandmadeNBeyond

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