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Friday, 8 August 2014




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(You can’t buy Love, but you can BUY HANDMADE, And that’s kind of the same thing )

A wall without an adornment is merely a partition between two rooms. Every nook and corner of the

house can have its own elegance, its own beauty with just a little addition of handmade items.

Someone rightly said “When design and craft meet they create a wonderful combination called

A warm welcome to the world of handmade. ‘HANDMADE’ as the name suggests is a piece of art done

with human hands with great effort, care, lot of passion, creativity and minute detailing in every product.

You cannot compare handmade products to mass produced products.

Here is a list of few in each category : -

Using Textiles or Leather -Canvas work, Cross-stitch, Crochet, Embroidery, Felting, Knitting,

Embossing, Quilting, Ribbon embroidery, Rug making, Tapestry.

Using Wood, Metal, Clay, Glass - wood, metal, clay, bone, horn, glass, or stone - Ceramic art,

enerally, Chip carving, Glass etching, Jewelry design, Metalwork,Mosaics,Pottery,Puppet making,Stained

glass, Toy making

Using Paper or Canvas -Origami or paper folding,Paper making,Paper marbling,Paper modeling, card

modeling,Quilling or paper filigree

Using Plants other than Wood - Basket weaving,Corn dolly making,Floral design, Pressed flower craft,

Straw marquetry etc.

An artisan uses imagination, creativity and the skill to create a product. Some are purely handmade

Artisans put in all their effort in creating every single piece which consumes lot of time, patience and

energy. The creativity flow in these items is beyond imagination.

Artisans can’t escape the urge of creating things and they put in all their feelings in the paper, glue, clay

and all sorts of things. They leave their mark in the works they create. This applies not just to one type

of handcrafted item but to all types of handcrafted items. In any Handmade product the raw materials

are of the best quality since they are personally selected by the artisan, the workman ship involved in

creating the product is of much superior quality and the final ready product is something that one can

treasure for his life time, something that brings a smileon everyone’s face. Something that makes one

wonder“How beautiful is this”. One can consider himself to be a proud owner of this truly magnificent

Each individual item has its own persona, creativity at its best, enormous ideas, imagination and a

identity of its own. These sort of elements cannot be replicated in mass produced items.

Some Artisans can use their creativity, skill and knowledge to create a custom made item for you as per

your requirements for a particular occasion. The one of its kind and uniquely personalized just for you. It

can be a special gift to someone or just a home décor piece in that special corner of the house. It takes

a lot of time, the best of raw materials and you have to well appreciate the finished product.

Sometimes we get to see some really breathtaking designs which are created after long hours and days

of hardwork and dedication. Every Artisan’s imagination is Unique and this can be very well seen in the

More and more people should buy handmade items and support small business and this in turn, can be

a boost to our economy as a whole. Small business can help everyone to prosper in their own field, be

in in the local markets or their own small organisation. In today’s world of online technology there are

various online market places where buying and selling are both very easy and comfortable. It’s a One

Stop Shop for all your needs. Paying the right price is what you can do.

The sky is the limit for sellers desiring to reach new audiences and for buyers wanting to purchase quality

handmade items outside heir local markets.


There are also some great online venues for buying handmade items. Here are just a few which I have

Handmade N Beyond

Timeless Creazion

Teekhii Chhurii

By Reena BINO

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