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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Selling Handmade Packaging Tips

  Selling Handmade a Few Packaging Tips

Packaging is a Vital Element,First impressions are everything.

 I Still call myself new for selling online. I've always been one of those people who struggled to get packages ready to be mailed.  I wanted to make sure I had a plan that was doable for me,and yet was nice for my customers to open, too. And I need to add a few things to my list Take the opportunity to tell buyers about my brand and what makes my products special.

Beautiful packaging It shows the recipient that you are passionate about your product, and reinforces the handmade ethos – that your product has been lovingly made and packaged by hand – not by some machine in a factory! Everyone loves receiving beautifully wrapped gifts,
And the best way is in your Packaging.

Some things I tried to keep in mind were:

product size
cost of packaging
looks of the overall package

‘My main aim would be for people to smile when they receive one of my products and that they would want to touch it, pick it up and explore how its been created – getting a sense that it’s not been mass produced but has been individually made and printed for them.’

 Get creative and don’t stress out about it. It’s less about fancy and more about attention to detail.

In the beginning, figuring out shipping was very trial and error. I undercharged quite often until I got the grasp of it. Now all of my items ship in an envelope, unless the order is too large and then it goes into a box.I don't have a standard way of Packing its different all the time. I knew I wanted packaging that was cost-effective with a simple and polished  look that reflected my brand and me.It can be hard to figure shipping costs.  Honestly, sometimes on a new product I take a big hit on the shipping with the first sale.  But then I just go in and adjust the rates before I sell any more.  To figure out what shipping to charge on a new product I take a box and the item and I put them on the scale.  I am pretty familiar by now with what different weights cost to ship.  Then I tweak the shipping price as needed.

 I have also plans on Fixing a Signature Style: soon. My idea is to  simply cut a small rectangle of fabric. tie it on top with my crochet Thread and stamp on the pack my initials or just use fabric paint and stamp a design should keep the cost low on the back.

Always know that Careful and sweet packaging is just another way to show gratitude.Thoughtful packaging doesn’t need to be costly either; a simple handwritten note adds a personal touch. 

For those who are starting off ,You don’t need to break the bank on packaging, I  Googled a youtube video that showed how to neatly wrap a package  like a Coach purse and took it from there

I have made a few points and Tips of things to do and what I have already done :

1. Each of the items can be carefully wrapped in white tissue paper and include a hand written thank you note on the back of your  business card.

2. Coach purse tutorial on you tube are available. It’s polished and pretty and provides a little ‘pocket’ to neatly tuck in a business card, note, and customer appreciation tag.

3.I found this a fabric gift Wrap. I have not tried it yet but I am definitely going to try this

                                                  Furochic & Wrapagami 

    ( Just hop on youtube and do a search for wrapping and packaging. You’ll be there for a while.)

4.I do buy in bulk, which is great because it saves me on shipping fees and I have material around to work with when inspiration strikes. The downside is figuring out where to store everything in a home studio.I have currently got a whole Lot of Boxes custom made for my baby booties and Caps from a Box maker. I also wrap almost everything in bubble wrap. The less weight in the packaging the less shipping cost.

5. At times I chose to wrap my work in lightweight Craft paper and tie with a raffia bow, with a tag attached.  I think it gives a nice “rustic” style of the product.

6. You can also purchased brown craft paper boxes or paper and toilet tissue roll which is what I have been doing for some of my pieces.

7. I always felt like it was more special when a little something was added to the wrapper, whether it was a ribbon to tie the paper closed or a little flower added to the package top.

8. It’s my  goal this year. This will sounds time consuming, but I am hoping to develop it so I can make a huge stock all at once. Hopefully, in the end, those extra shipping Cost paying for my time instead of consuming more generic goods, and I reduce, reuse and recycle, all while cultivating a signature style….  recycled or reused goods but also in a way that is neat, clean, and noteworthy. I need weather-proof mailers for Crochet work, and I’m thinking to fuse plastics, and used reclaimed but unmarked paper (from envelopes, etc) to create my own mailers. Or it it just might be a good idea for one of the Artist who works with recycle to do this Project. and have bulk orders from Artist like me :)

9. Another Plan I have is  brown  paper,Stencil and Screen Print ,Designing and screenprinting my wrappings gives me total control over the final result. I can change colors up or add a new design as I want to..Make a brown paper bag tie up with  twine, and for the Tag a handmade paper or Black Chart Paper cut to a square and write a note. and this can carry as a new brand through to the smallest detail. I have invested in a “Thank You” stamp that I had .and I use it to stamp pieces of cardstock and sign my name below. It only take a few seconds but it makes a big impression on the recipient.

10.Another in my to do list for packing is .Taking the opportunity to tell buyers about my brand and what makes my products special.And  to Encourage feedback .Here is a Sample of the Note I Plan to add to my packages Besides the Visiting Card and the Thank you Note/Tag. .This can act as an envelope or cover for my thank you note inside . or just simply write a nice note on the back. :)

11. When packaging my larger products:Large cellophane bags.add my business card, and "Thank you for your purchase" card. And  choosing the cellophane bag, I am allowing my product to speak for itself.  If your product looks good, then the packaging looks good!  I simply fold the top of the bag over once and close it with add a Bow Different ways are there.

12.Jewelry items, I prefer to use a drawstring organza bag, Available easy in the market.The packaged item then nestles into a bed of tissue paper for cushion inside it's shipping box.

13. To help aid in costs as well as staying "green", I also do my best to reuse boxes!

14. Make it Customer Friendly, Not a nightmare fighting through the packaging to see their Gift.

15. It’s always nice to pop in a free sample if you can – I usually include one of my handmade gift tags or, for a larger order, a couple of extra cards. I’ve received lots of cool extras in the past when I buy handmade – little stickers, sweets, samples or cards. It’s always nice to get a little unexpected treat!

And to Summarize this all :

1.Think about how you want to buyer to feel when they receive their item – a good start is to say ‘thank you’.Figure out who your audience is, how much you can afford to spend on packaging, and whether you want to use handmade packaging or outsource the making of it.

2. Take the opportunity to tell buyers about yourself, your brand and what makes your products special.

3. Carry your signature style through to your packaging to create a more memorable brand

4. Differentiate yourself from the mass produced market by adding personal touches

5. Be creative – thoughtful and environmentally friendly packaging doesn’t need to cost the earth

6. Encourage feedback – if you’re doing something right (or wrong) it’s always good to know

7. Consider the weight and size of your package – inflated postage costs can put some buyers off

8. Leave your mark on your item so in years to come buyers will still know who made the item, or where it’s from.

So, what about you?  What's your favorite way to package your products?  I am always on the lookout for more ideas so please, Post a photograph of your packaged product on our Facebook page HandmadeNBeyond or comment here with what you do. 

This post about packaging was requested by Evita Seema D'Cunha   you can visit her Blog: amateurcrafts

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Thanks for honoring my request. It full of great ideas :) Sweet of you!

  2. Those are great packaging tips! Packaging is one of important factors that may or may not lead to the success of a product. It should be uniquely done as possible to make it standcout from its competitors. Just play with your imagination to come up with a packaging that's all yours.

    -Vernia Soriano @ One Sixty Fourth

    1. Hey Vernia thanks a Ton , and what you say is absolutely true agree a mile times with you :)