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Monday, 10 March 2014

Winner announcement Holi Carnival Artist Designer Contest 2014

                        We are proud to present this Certificate out to our very First winner of the 

      Golden Trees Art By Vikashini 

            Holi Carnival Artist Designer Contest 2014

 Winning piece is a Painting 
 Title: Plethora of Celebrations

 NAME OF CREATOR : Vikashini.P

 We are proud to present and Congratulate out our very First winner of the The most liked on Facebook  for Holi Carnival Artist Designer Contest 2014 GoldenTrees Art By Vikashini

This piece of painting  is the exact requirement of the Competition . Depicts everything to the T from the colours to the festive . This painting says it all and no explanation needed, has got the most amount of votes at 703 Likes being the highest in the History of Handmade N Beyond

We will be honored not only to have you on our page and share your work and thoughts on the page everyday but you also are Holding the Tile for the First Highest Vote record of 703 likes . and yes we will be talking to you and a asking about your journey an Interview with for the community of  Handmade N Beyond 

A surprise Announcement was made 

To hold the tile for the Best Mask made 

The contestants were

5 artist who took part in the Holi Carnival contest. here are the names

1.Dhanya Surendranath
2. Sabi's creative zone
3. Creo
4. Handmadez
5. Handmade Gifts in uae 

The second Runners up is  Handmade Gifts in uae  Congratulations

Arist Sandhya Vijesh


The First Winner for the best Mask goes to  


With 61 Votes 

 Artist: Agnisha Ghosh Pawaskar





The surprise winner Announcement for the Big Smile Award 

Goes to 

3 dartCongratulations 

Artist : Shweta yadav

 Title : " Hullaa Hullaa!! Miniature Minions "

  Handmade N Beyond Fav Pic Winners


 Our Second Winner and Favorite Pick

Jewels of Sayuri

Name: Divya N

 Title :Rangeen Mor - multicolor peacock




Siya Arts

Holds the 1st place Title

        "Just Fab" Award

Name of the Artist : Jayashri S

Description of Item: " Gulaal " 

Holi Carnival Artist Designer Contest 2014


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