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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Interview with business owners GoldenTrees Creations

Handmade N Beyond spoke with Creators of GoldenTreesArtByVikashini

Business: Golden Trees Creations ( )
Business Owners: Vikashini.P & Sowmiya.P
Location: India & Germany 

How did you both get your start? 

I moved to Germany and was getting accustomed to the place and as a hobby, I was making painting on the stretched canvas boards. The materials were very costly owing to their brand names & because of their quality standards. It was then, I decided that if there is a chance to sell these first 6 paintings to take back the investment alone without any profit, then I can re-invest the amount that I have received. Golden Trees Art by Vikashini kicked off on Aug 2013, when Vikashini’s paintings were sold in Flohmarkt in Erlangen, Germany. And at the same time, when my Close friend (happened to be my college junior) Sowmiya joined hands with me to sell Terracotta jewellery. It was then decided by us to start a Brand name and decided that everything created by us will nest under this & to work as one team.

What INSPIRED the both of you and WHEN… 

Vikashini was always an Art fanatic and was making paintings to her family & friends. Sowmiya was always passionate to create handcrafted items.
We both got inspired by each other to start this new Brand when we started to talk about LIKE MINDED CREATIVE STUFFS on Facebook & wanted to join hands together and make the step forward.

You girls had any formal training? 

Vikashini had her 5day Fabric painting course during her 10th grade Holidays(2001) & was then painting on pillow covers, chudidhars, cotton & silk sarees of her mom. She had to undergo training for oil painting during her college days. Vikashini would always consider that self-learning is the best & she is a self-taught artist for Acrylics, Polymer Clay Jewellery, Paper Quilling, Painting on Porcelain materials, wood etc., Sowmiya had her basic training in Terracotta Jewellery and she is a self-taught artist in Paper Quilling & Wine Bottle Art.

What is your day jobs? 

Before moving to Germany, Vikashini was a Head of Quality Systems after her graduation from Cambridge University, and Sowmiya is currently a Design Engineer in an MNC after graduating from PSG College of Technology. Now, Vikashini works full time for Golden Trees and Sowmiya gives her full heart and soul to create something unique and out of the box creatively whenever she finds time.

What's the best part of having your own business? 

Our creative space is the best part of our own business. As we own the concepts which keeps us liberal in creating our own designs for our products. Moreover, we have our own breaks, limitations on investment and expansion. Above all, we work stress-free, as our job is only what our mind thinks creatively to make the best with our heart and soul.

How do you plan for the future of your business? 

For Art : We have planned to make Gallery Exhibits in the coming years, of which we already made one in India on Jan 4th,2014 and have planned for group show in June-Sep 2014 in Erlangen, Germany. We have also got inquiries from Interior Decorators and are currently working for them.
Jewellery : We have planned to extend our works on Polymer Clay and more of Eco-Friendly and Beaded Jeweleries.
Home Decors : We are planning to diversify the Product Line and make anything that is creative and catchy.

As an Artist, what is both of your biggest frustration? 

Each piece of Creative Stuff created by an Artist is not just with hands alone, but hours of thinking & pondering over ideas, to put them in right shape to give the Best Quality & Best Design. & Any Artist is frustrated if : Someone copies their work.

Are there any crafters/artists/designers that you particularly look up to? 

There are many Artists & Designers that we admire for their original work & we take inspirations to create such unique designs that defines our Brand.

What advice can you offer other creative people who are just starting out and following their passions? 

Be original. Create something Unique. Break the Hardships. Explore Opportunities. Nothing Comes Easy or our Way. Follow your Passion. Don’t give up.

How can fans purchase your work? Do you take custom orders and special requests? 

We do make our own Handcrafted items and post directly for selling and we also make custom orders for Home Interiors, Birthday Parties Return Gifts & Customised Jewelleries.
We sell through Facebook :
 & are working on our Website : 
To learn from our tutorials :

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